Sunday, April 29, 2012

At Last

Some of you have been asking, and others who are puppy raisers from Guide Dogs for the Blind have noticed, Halette hasn't been on the phase report the past few weeks. As previously mentioned Halette had been matched with someone and unfortunately things didn't work out as we all had hoped...... I was a little disappointed due to the length of time Halette has been at guide dogs but finally I have some news for you all......

I remember picking up Halette nearly 2 years ago. Small little black lab (and you know how I love me some black labs to snuggle on). I was so excited Tenaya was going to be a big sister and help teach the new little lab some manners.

When Halette was handed over the shock of yet another name I had never before ran across settled in. With all the goodies that come with a new puppy in our hands, we headed back to the car with some hope of sleep that night. With that said, I hadn't expected my new little fur ball to cry the entire drive home from Guide Dogs, and then again once we arrived home, for hours on end.

I really thought, "you know, we are in for it with this one" but I was wrong. She was so much fun. Such a sweet little puppy. One that took my heart so fast. We quickly formed into a team. She worked great with us and enjoyed every bit about doing her job. As Halette grew, she never quite lost her puppy but matured very nicely, knowing when to sit calmly for the children but when it was okay to bounce around with her toys.

Being that she was my sixth dog I have raised from start to finish, you would be suprised how much she taught me. I am so lucky to have had her placed into our arms that very day she first arrived. Some dogs steal your heart in a special way and she was just such a joy to raise.

So I guess after all that cheesecake kinda stuff, I must get to the point.

Halette Graduated!!!!


It took a good long while. Since last July to be more specific. I didn't want to announce until it was final. On March 31st, we were able to attend and celebrate Halette's success!

My mother, father, nephew and of course, Jarett, came along. It was the first time that anyone in my family went to the graduation of one of our dogs.

I was so nervous and emotional at first. I felt sick the whole car ride there. It was a little bit of a new experience for us because we have always had the ceremony outside on stage. Guide Dogs for the Blind is going through a huge rebuild so it was held indoors. Besides the construction, the weather was absolutely horrible.

They held all the puppy raisers in a room and gave a little speech, and then walked us into the next building where our dogs were with their new partner. Jarett and I were the second or third group to be called into meet up with our dogs, and once I walked in, Halette's handler and I hugged where I told her I was not able to speak yet because I was crying. lol.

Now, some dogs take a second to recognize you, some don't. Halette didn't even have to blink before she knew who we were. She jumped up and licked and snuggled instantly. They are not supposed to jump up but even the trainers realize that the dog has their moment where some rules don't apply.

Of course Halette's partner was the sweetest person. This is her second Guide dog so Halette has some shoes to fill, but I was told she was doing a great job. I know some of you have been through this whole experience. You already know how all the time spent over the last year/year and a half is worth the little time in the end that you get to see your dog working. Some of you are just starting your puppy raising journey and have yet to meet someone who loves your dog more than you do. It is amazing, and a moment you cannot miss. It helps you stand a little taller. It is completely worth all the effort and love. I am so excited that I know Halette has a great home. I know she is spoiled and has a warm place to sleep every night.


Raiser Erin said...

She looks absolutely wonderful in harness!!! I'm so happy that she's finally home. :)

Elle J said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful post.

Bella said...


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