Thursday, March 1, 2012

February's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil

I know, it's March, but I can't forget to post February's meeting. Last months meeting we went over the "Go to bed" command. "Go to bed" is where we train the dogs to go to a particular rug/ mat. I guess the command itself is pretty self explanatory. We do not actually show the dog to go to the bed. We want to dog to think for itself and try to figure out what we want without showing any cues.

Anyway, it is something that we hadn't really worked on prior to this meeting with Jonquil. I am the type to just be upfront and not try to make a fool out of myself, so I let our group leader know in front of everyone right off the bat that we are behind in this command. Since Jonquil was a fresh slate we were used for the demonstration. Lol. It was great because she showed that she was picking up on what I wanted her to do. She actually went to the mat on her own! Good girl. I tell you this dog is too smart for her own good. 

Jonquil is getting a treat because she went on the mat.

Now I have to wait for her to decide to sit.

And wait....

There we go. Good girl!

I think Polka has had some practice.

Here is Jonquil's sister, Jamayla, working with one of our leaders.

Jonquil sitting on the mat looking as cute as ever. 

Finally! Jonquil laid down on the mat.

Well almost......

Until next time. 

C and J
still working on "Go to bed"


Elle J said...

I'm with you ~ just straight up tell the group/trainer what we are lacking or what isn't going right. It's only to our benefit that we admit. =) NICE WORK on the bed command. How fun to see Jonquil "get it". Yay! You both are so pretty!! =)

Carrie's Raiser said...

I love the go to bed command! It's so much fun to watch their little brains work!

McKinley was great at go to bed until he was about a year and then he decided the game was stupid and after that nobody could get him on it!

Do you guys only go to meetings once a month?

C and H said...

Carrie's Raiser,

We have a meeting at the same spot once a month at the beginning of every month. That meeting is mostly review, obedience, socializing with other raisers, Q and A and we discuss up coming outings. This is also where we get to have a little going-away party for each dog as they are ready to enter formal training or welcome new puppies to the group. In addition we have at least one to two group outings every month where we attend different events/exposure for the puppy in training.

Elle J,
I know, why make a fool out of yourself? lol. Plus, this is one area I don't mind being the example.

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