Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Planting Jonquil's with Jonquil

I don't know if I have ever mentioned the meaning of Jonquil's name before. Just in case I haven't, Jonquil is a type of flower that is related to a daffodil from the Narcissus family, (correct me if I am wrong) usually yellow in color, sometimes white. While my search for the actual Jonquil was unsuccessful or my understanding is not correct, I did find some yellow Narcissus flowers. I am no expert in planting bulbs but I thought I would try to grow them in a pot. Also, I planted them a few weeks back. But, I am hopeful that they will bloom come spring time.

Hopefully they will continue to bloom after Jonquil's departure from us and I can enjoy them in her memory for years to come.

We set out to do a photo shoot..... It was unsuccessful. Most of my shots came out blurry but here are the best of the bunch. I will update you with some photos of the flowers in bloom.


Lisa, Ellie, Vance, and Clara said...

Aw, so fun!!! I had to do something similar when Hosta came home! So cool - can't wait to watch each grow!

Suporna Sarkar said...

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