Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil

Little Jonquil is, well....... growing up right before our eyes. Our monthly meeting was the usual. This month we did stair training. Fortunately, in the building where our meetings are held we have open backed stairs, which some dogs have an uncertainty over. Jonquil had just been exposed to these earlier in the week and didn't mind a bit.

Left to right
Jonquil, Wella, CC'd Laser and Anthony 

Some of you must be thinking stairs shmares, what's the big deal? Well, we stepped it up a notch and had dogs at the top and bottom landings with they walked towards each other on the stairs. If all that makes any sense to anyone, then you know with some dogs this is a big deal.
I was so proud of my little Jonnie. She did great. She followed Jarett's pace and did well with the dog distraction.
We did wish Wella a Bone Voyage as she is returning to training later this month. I was asked to take photos so I didn't get any of my own.   I did get a picture of Theta CC'd (YLF). She is around 8 and does a great job with training all those young'ins.

At the end of the meeting we let Jonquil and Jamayla play together. They were having a blast which is why none of the photos turned our clear.

Jonquil is the one without her jacket.

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