Monday, October 29, 2012

An Update on Jonquil

Hello Everyone.... or anyone. Honestly, we haven't been around. Does anyone still remember us?

Well, it has been so long that I have to announce that Jonquil went back for formal training the weekend of the October 22nd. I don't really have any other news, other than no news, and I am going to say that must be good news (fingers crossed). 
It was as expected, a bitter-sweet day and of course there were some tears. She loved her kennel, loved her bone, and was very excited to be able to play in her own space.

Jonquil is on breeder watch. So with all dogs she should be going through her heath exams. Hers will just be a longer process. Here's to hoping she aces all her tests!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Good Luck Jam

Fellow puppy in training, Jam, is heading in for training tomorrow. Here is their blog, McLean Puppy Chronicles, so you can wish Jam and his loving raisers good luck on this emotional and exciting transition! Annnnnnnd, if you are looking for a new blog, they also picked up a new puppy today so go check it out.


Jonquil Turns ONE!!

Jonquil has finally turned a year old. The excitement of getting a new puppy only seem so little ago but it seems like we have had Jonquil around forever. I can feel her time with us is approaching the end yet there is still a few more months to brush up on some of the rough edges. I think she has turned into a beautiful dog.

I look back on all that she has gone through, all the things that she has learned and I am at times so proud and surprised by her abilities. Happy Birthday Jonquil!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Bath Time

Jonquil at 3 months old taking a bath.

All clean.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Your Order is Ready for Pick Up

Jonquil is back! We picked her up on Saturday, and I think to sum it up, Jonquil is happy to be back.  

Once we loaded her in the car, she went straight for her toy.
 Look at this happy face.

We decided to make a pit-stop at Ikea since it is on the route home. 

 I had her participate in some photo taking in a few of the show rooms.

She was happy to be out and about.

And behaved so well.

She was also excited to see herself in the mirror.
 It's okay Jonnie, I think you're pretty cute too.

Jon wasn't afraid to walk through the kid entrance. 
She knows people take her professionally.

After all the excitement of being reunited with family and work she was wiped out.
She tiredly tried to eat the onion next to her in this photo, but in the end exhaustion won! 

I'm glad to have her back home. I can't say I didn't enjoy the break, but sometimes it's just what you need to get motivated to try your best.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

March's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil...... Late

It's March. I would say we are well into 2012 at this point. I don't know where the time goes but it is gone. Jonquil is now 8 months old. I feel like we just picked her up, yet her energy has me a bit worn and I can't remember what it is like without this ball of fire. This month we went over food refusal. We really focused on the pups not accepting food from anyone other then the handler. Not Even allowed those oh so tasty HOT DOGS! 


Jonquil ignoring the other dogs.

B just hanging out. 
(Guide Dogs no longer uses German Shepards)

Jonquil looking up at Jarett. Just checking in.

Tenaya came along for the fun of it.

She was bad. Lol. She pulled and lost her golden little mind over the other dogs. 

Jamayla, Jonquil's sister.

Peju practicing food refusal.

Jonquil did pretty good on the food refusal but that doesn't mean she doesn't need any work. We also brought our mats thinking we were going to work on the "go to bed" command. We were ready as we have been practicing it, but we didn't go over it during the training session. So no luck on showing our progress there. lol 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Where, oh where, has Jonquil been?

I have quite a bit of updating to do. As of right now I am puppy-less, but not for long. Jonquil has, well,...... hit that age where she has gone to visit Guide Dogs for three weeks or so. Once she is done letting nature take its course, she will be back here and ready to get to work! In the mean time, here is a photo of Jon at work with Jarett while the children are out at recess.


Sunday, April 29, 2012

At Last

Some of you have been asking, and others who are puppy raisers from Guide Dogs for the Blind have noticed, Halette hasn't been on the phase report the past few weeks. As previously mentioned Halette had been matched with someone and unfortunately things didn't work out as we all had hoped...... I was a little disappointed due to the length of time Halette has been at guide dogs but finally I have some news for you all......

I remember picking up Halette nearly 2 years ago. Small little black lab (and you know how I love me some black labs to snuggle on). I was so excited Tenaya was going to be a big sister and help teach the new little lab some manners.

When Halette was handed over the shock of yet another name I had never before ran across settled in. With all the goodies that come with a new puppy in our hands, we headed back to the car with some hope of sleep that night. With that said, I hadn't expected my new little fur ball to cry the entire drive home from Guide Dogs, and then again once we arrived home, for hours on end.

I really thought, "you know, we are in for it with this one" but I was wrong. She was so much fun. Such a sweet little puppy. One that took my heart so fast. We quickly formed into a team. She worked great with us and enjoyed every bit about doing her job. As Halette grew, she never quite lost her puppy but matured very nicely, knowing when to sit calmly for the children but when it was okay to bounce around with her toys.

Being that she was my sixth dog I have raised from start to finish, you would be suprised how much she taught me. I am so lucky to have had her placed into our arms that very day she first arrived. Some dogs steal your heart in a special way and she was just such a joy to raise.

So I guess after all that cheesecake kinda stuff, I must get to the point.

Halette Graduated!!!!


It took a good long while. Since last July to be more specific. I didn't want to announce until it was final. On March 31st, we were able to attend and celebrate Halette's success!

My mother, father, nephew and of course, Jarett, came along. It was the first time that anyone in my family went to the graduation of one of our dogs.

I was so nervous and emotional at first. I felt sick the whole car ride there. It was a little bit of a new experience for us because we have always had the ceremony outside on stage. Guide Dogs for the Blind is going through a huge rebuild so it was held indoors. Besides the construction, the weather was absolutely horrible.

They held all the puppy raisers in a room and gave a little speech, and then walked us into the next building where our dogs were with their new partner. Jarett and I were the second or third group to be called into meet up with our dogs, and once I walked in, Halette's handler and I hugged where I told her I was not able to speak yet because I was crying. lol.

Now, some dogs take a second to recognize you, some don't. Halette didn't even have to blink before she knew who we were. She jumped up and licked and snuggled instantly. They are not supposed to jump up but even the trainers realize that the dog has their moment where some rules don't apply.

Of course Halette's partner was the sweetest person. This is her second Guide dog so Halette has some shoes to fill, but I was told she was doing a great job. I know some of you have been through this whole experience. You already know how all the time spent over the last year/year and a half is worth the little time in the end that you get to see your dog working. Some of you are just starting your puppy raising journey and have yet to meet someone who loves your dog more than you do. It is amazing, and a moment you cannot miss. It helps you stand a little taller. It is completely worth all the effort and love. I am so excited that I know Halette has a great home. I know she is spoiled and has a warm place to sleep every night.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I just wanted to let everyone know that Jonquil and I are still here. I do have some news that I plan on sharing soon.........

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jonquil with Jonquils Part 2

If you didn't catch the post about Jonquil's name then you can check it out here. Growing a Guide Dog: Planting Jonquil's with Jonquil As promised, I am updating you with some photos of Jonquil with Jonquils when they bloomed. Well, that time has come and gone. I did get a chance to take a few quick photos between some crummy weather before the flowers began dying off. I was hoping to get some calendar worthy photos but life has been a tad too busy lately. So, I'll take what I can get and share them with you. I don't know which one I like the best. If you have a favorite please let me know! 







Thursday, March 1, 2012

February's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil

I know, it's March, but I can't forget to post February's meeting. Last months meeting we went over the "Go to bed" command. "Go to bed" is where we train the dogs to go to a particular rug/ mat. I guess the command itself is pretty self explanatory. We do not actually show the dog to go to the bed. We want to dog to think for itself and try to figure out what we want without showing any cues.

Anyway, it is something that we hadn't really worked on prior to this meeting with Jonquil. I am the type to just be upfront and not try to make a fool out of myself, so I let our group leader know in front of everyone right off the bat that we are behind in this command. Since Jonquil was a fresh slate we were used for the demonstration. Lol. It was great because she showed that she was picking up on what I wanted her to do. She actually went to the mat on her own! Good girl. I tell you this dog is too smart for her own good. 

Jonquil is getting a treat because she went on the mat.

Now I have to wait for her to decide to sit.

And wait....

There we go. Good girl!

I think Polka has had some practice.

Here is Jonquil's sister, Jamayla, working with one of our leaders.

Jonquil sitting on the mat looking as cute as ever. 

Finally! Jonquil laid down on the mat.

Well almost......

Until next time. 

C and J
still working on "Go to bed"

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