Saturday, April 23, 2011

Why Hello There Halette!

Halette is back, but I guess you didn't know she was away. She has had an issue with her foot for the past few months. So, last Saturday we did the two hour drive to San Rafael to drop Halette off for surgery at GDB's on site vet. It was an awkward drop off. We didn't get to say goodbye, making us sure happy to say hello to that happy beautiful little face today.
We went over the long list of meds she came with for a awful ear infection. (I'm not sure her ear infection ever really went away after the last treatment a few weeks/ months back.)
They walked Halette out and let her go (inside the room) and she came wagging her whole body towards us. We had just been told that she was on sedatives and that they didn't have that big of an effect on her, and at first I would have agreed......
We finished going over the meds and care instructions. After saying our goodbyes, we headed out. As we walked through the kennels and towards the door, Halette was behaving calmly. (Now I'm pretty sure I have made it clear that she is a well behaved but hyper little thing.) We headed through the doors and across the campus and she was happy, but it was becoming clear that she was not quite acting like herself. Still, we stopped to take a photo of her walking with her cone, or what is also known as the Elizabethan collar (that is a little fun fact I didn't know), and little bootie foot protector. We quickly caught a few images and headed to the car where it was painfully obvious the sedatives where working.

We sat her down in the front of the campus. She is wearing her cone and you can see her red and black bootie that protects the stitches in her foot. She didn't mind the cone or the bootie at all.

Now as I said before, we have a bit of a drive to and from San Rafael. Not bad, but a good portion of the day is spent on a round trip. Halette would not, and I repeat, Halette would not LAY DOWN the entire ride. Poor thing. She was so uncomfortable in the car, refusing to just let the meds take over and go to sleep. At one point she was sitting up on the floor in the front passenger seat with her whole body laying against me, the only thing holding her up was her nose pressed into my leg. I wish I had taken a photo of that but my phone was stuck under my arm, which she was using as a stilt. I was afraid she couldn't breathe so I had to move her into a different position that she stayed in for the rest of the ride.

As soon as we got in the car, the sedatives really started kicking in. Halette is resting her chin on my hand.

This is Halette after I let her chin go.

Here is another angle.

Here she is still sitting up and awake. She just can't hold her head up.

We are home now. She was able to rest in the kennel while we ran to our family's house to color Easter eggs. When we arrived back home, the meds had warn off some and she was excited to see us and see her dog sisters again. Now it seems that Halette is tired again and she is laying by me while I write this. She isn't interested in chewing her bones or kong, she only wants to be as close as she can to us.
It was a nice break. There was a little relief while she was gone as we are a little overloaded right now, but I am sure glad she is back with us. I didn't realize how much I missed this little black puppy.

Hello There!

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