Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Halette's 12 Things at 12 Months

Halette is quite a little character. It seems as if I was just telling people she was six month old. It doesn't help that she still looks like a puppy and can still curl up into the smallest ball when she sleeps. So with hesitation I am going to write Halette's 12 things at 12 months.......

1. Halette loves people, but even more she looooooves children.

2. Surprisingly, having not been out much (as she has been going through some health issues) she has been soooo very good at school while Jarett is doing his student teaching. It seems that she is a good influence on the young children as they are a good influence on her (or not so surprising).

3. She is definitely a smeller. Not in the way some dogs don't bring their nose up off the ground but in the opposite way where her nose goes where the wind blows.

4. We live on the second floor and she loves to watch out the window. Although I have to say it is a view of the yard and there is never anything going on.

5. She still gets the puppy spazzes where they tuck their butt and runnnnnn. She knows that she is not allowed on the bed. In fact she doesn't even try or think of trying to get on the bed. But for some reason she thinks it is alright to ricochet off the corner of the bed while in the midst of a spaz. Hmmmm....

6. While running through all her commands before meals, Halette's eyes light up and she tries so hard to please. At times she guesses what the next command is.

7. When we are out eating, Halette has to rest her head on Jarett's foot.

8. She may not be batman. But she is always someone's Robin. Always following someone around.

9. How she eagerly puts her head through her work jacket. I just love it when you see each puppy learn to love their jacket.

10. Every time we sort the laundry she quickly takes advantage of the piles being made on the floor.

11. How she politely listens to the first graders who read to her. Even though they are supposed to pretend she is not there.

12. We love how much she enjoys playing fetch with herself as we are not allowed to teach/ play fetch with them. She will take her bone, toss it, and then pounce on it to do it all over again.

Since Tenaya turned 2 on the 18th, I am going to find two words that sum her up. Those two words are .......... Naturally Awkward.... But I still love the little weirdo.

Happy 1st Birthday Halette

Halette turned one TODAY! Ahhhh, that means recall is just around the corner. Any who... Halette spent her birthday running errands and attending class with Jarett. While walking around campus she pranced around in her birthday hat. Here are some photos.

Halette taking some time during class to pose for a photo.

Pit stopped outside along the way to class to take some birthday pictures of Halette.

Halette posing, showing off her mature look, you know now that she is one year old and all.

Oops, seems like she was a bit distracted here as she is to taken by the wonderful scent of this grass.

Happy Birthday Halette!

I have some more birthday photos I will share with Halette's 12 things at 12 months post.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Tenaya!

Yesterday was Tenaya's 2nd birthday. We wanted to do more for her second birthday, but instead with the rainy weather she spent it with some extra time on the bed and a kong full of peanut butter. I'll have to make it up to her on a sunny day.....

Happy Birthday Tenaya!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Halette's First Day of Elementary School

Just going to do a quick/ short post to note that today was Halette's first day with Jarett to his student teaching. He had prepped the students about the rules yesterday. Both Halette and the kids did really well. Friday he is introducing Halette to the whole school, so that should be interesting. Here is a really low quality photo of her off his 5 year old beat up camera phone. She is sitting in the classroom while the kids where at recess.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

March Monthly Meeting with Halette

We recently had our March monthly meeting with our guide dog puppy raisers group.

This month we were welcoming our three brand new little puppies Miss Z, Mr. A and Mr. R. Because there were so many new little ones we split the group into two and held a puppy class for the newbies and obedience class for the older dogs. Tenaya, living the life of a retiree doesn't go out much, so she decided to get out for a change and come along. I worked with Tenaya while Jarett worked with our current PIT (puppy in training). Because Tenaya is living the life she didn't have to do obedience class and so we sent Jarett over with Halette (so no pictures of that) and snuck some quality time with the babies.

Puppy class consists of learning or reviewing basic calming exercises and body handling techniques. We have a important job as puppy raisers to teach each pup to except unusual equipment and handling of their paws, tail, ears, legs, eyes and face.

Miss Z. was Zuzu (I am unsure of the correct spelling)



Mr. A was Anthony


Mr. R was Raffi (Again I am unsure of the correct spelling)

From what I heard, Jarett and Halette worked on sit and stay together. Then as usual to expose the dogs to working with other partners we switched dogs.

We always have a little social time and then we go over the upcoming events and dates. After the important stuff was over we played a game of charades to guess the names of the new member and celebrated a good bye to Stockholm who is leaving for formal training this weekend?

Jarett and Halette sitting on the floor listening to the annoucments. Tenaya's head is peaking in the bottom of the photo.

Mr. A and his puppy raiser (who also raised Donner who has been mentioned on this blog before) while playing charades. Mr. A is looking up at his raiser wondering what she is doing.

Here is Wella. She a yellow lab female about six months here.

This is Lucinda who is a yellow lab female. I wish I could have caught her eyes. They are so full of expression.

Here is Estee a black lab female. She is around 13 month here.

Havasu who is Halette sister sitting on her raisers lap. Havasu couldn't be any different from Halette. Halette enjoys everythings she does with a bounce in her step. Havasu is in love with her raisers and loves to be at home. They do however share the same sweetness.

Here is Donner who was just CC'd last month after making it to phase 8. He was the family's first guide dog puppy and I have to say I am glad that they are now raising Mr. A. They did such a good job raising Donner.

Above is Stockholm who is returning to Guide Dogs San Rafael campus for formal training.

And of course a photo of my girls Halette and Tenaya! Tenaya is looking a little worried here but I can reassure you she is looking off at something interesting.

My girls listening laying down listening to the announcements.

Hello There!

I along with Jarett have raised 6 guide dog pups. We are currently raising pup # 7. These are our stories, our adventures, our experiences. Please follow us and watch our pups grow into their paws and from jacket into harness. Feel free to leave a comment. We enjoy hearing what you have to say.