Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Wrapping with Jonquil

Each year our Guide dog group volunteers to gift wrap at the mall. People will give you the most odd things to wrap so I always have a little anxiety about this outing. Truth is, I kinda stick Jarett with the wrapping and I stick with the dogs. Seeing as gift wrapping isn't that interesting, I didn't think to actually snap photos of that. I did catch some of the dogs.

Jamayla (Jonquil's sister)



Here we have Raffi, Polka and Anthony way in the back. 


Jonquil did well. While it was our shift we were pretty much the only ones with a pup there. Her sister was there to greet us, but left shortly after we showed up. By the time we left we said goodbye to Raffi, Polka, Anthony and Wella. Jonquil, Jarett and I did a little Christmas shopping at the mall with no luck. Jonquil did get to experiece the crowds and an unusual amount of the door alarms. I was very surprised how well she reacted to the ear piercing alarms as she is a little sensitive to loud spontaneous noises. We made sure before leaving the mall to stop back by to say goodbye to the GD group. After leaving we made on last stop at a craft store. Clearly Jonquil is going to have to build up her endurance as she was worn out from the day's experiences.

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