Monday, December 19, 2011

Gift Wrapping with Jonquil

Each year our Guide dog group volunteers to gift wrap at the mall. People will give you the most odd things to wrap so I always have a little anxiety about this outing. Truth is, I kinda stick Jarett with the wrapping and I stick with the dogs. Seeing as gift wrapping isn't that interesting, I didn't think to actually snap photos of that. I did catch some of the dogs.

Jamayla (Jonquil's sister)



Here we have Raffi, Polka and Anthony way in the back. 


Jonquil did well. While it was our shift we were pretty much the only ones with a pup there. Her sister was there to greet us, but left shortly after we showed up. By the time we left we said goodbye to Raffi, Polka, Anthony and Wella. Jonquil, Jarett and I did a little Christmas shopping at the mall with no luck. Jonquil did get to experiece the crowds and an unusual amount of the door alarms. I was very surprised how well she reacted to the ear piercing alarms as she is a little sensitive to loud spontaneous noises. We made sure before leaving the mall to stop back by to say goodbye to the GD group. After leaving we made on last stop at a craft store. Clearly Jonquil is going to have to build up her endurance as she was worn out from the day's experiences.

Jonquil's Christmas Tree Part 1

Last year we took Halette with us to pick out our tree. So this year it was only right if we took Jonquil for the experience. The first tree lot was a bust. We just couldn't find the "right" tree. But, I thought we took some cute pictures so why not share. Then we moved on to the next tree lot.

 This tree lot had all types of trees. Also had an added bonus with the ground cover being some sort of crushed shells. (Note: We were extra careful to make sure Jonquil didn't eat any.) The shells where crunchy, smelly, and pokey. I can't say Jon didn't notice. How could she not? But she was very willing to walk down each isle. I was very proud of her. 

"Jonquil, Let's go!"

Jonny giving good eye contact. You can see the shells all over ground.

Jarett and Jonquil.

And the tree is chosen. Jarett and Jonquil posing in front of the winning tree. 

Me and Jonquil in front of the tree. Everyone was oooohing and awwwing over how cute Jonquil was posing for the photos. Suddenly I was swarmed with children petting her. She was also exposed to the loud sounds of the chainsaws. She definitely noticed the sounds but responded well  to me. Overall, I think that this helped with her curiosity once the tree was home. When Tenaya (golden) was a pup in training she wouldn't get her head out of the tree. Jonquil couldn't care less. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have received an award from Haddies raiser. I have really admired this new blogger and puppy raiser. It has been a pleasure to watch both the pup and the family bond over the last few months. If you haven't yet checked out this blog, I suggest you do. Haddie is still young, only a few weeks older than Jonquil, so now is a great time to catch up on what you missed. Check it out at Paws For Independence

Again, thank you, I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching you grow as a first time puppy raiser.

(1) Thank the blogger that gave you the award and then add a link to their blog.

(2) Reveal your top five picks (with less than 200 readers) and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

(3) Hope that the people you’ve sent the award to forward it to their five favorite up-and-coming bloggers, and keep it going!

Okay so here we go.....

First is Jam at McLean Southeastern Guide Dog in Training . I enjoyed reading about their second guide dog puppy in training Berkeley and now their third, Jam. I look forward to reading their hysterical stories and at times I feel I can relate to them.

Second is Vance at In Training.  Here we raise guide dogs and over at In Training they raise various types of service dogs. It is interesting to see the differences of raising/ training a one type of service dog to another.

Third is Newman. At The Time Before They Guide. they just turned in Shirley their first guide dog puppy and picked up a new little yellow lab male NEWMAN! I look forward to watching Newman grow and grow. If you are looking to follow a pup from start, now is the time! (I have tried and tired to leave a comment on your blog but for some reason it wont allow me. Sorry.)

Fourth is Bamboo at The Waffle Blog . It was fun watching Truffle grow into a tiny but couragous guide dog. And better yet, we get to hear updates about Truf and her handler as they make their way through college. Truffle's raiser is now raising Truffle's half sister Bamboo the CUTEST black lab female ever! Go check it out!

Last but not least is Hawk at browndog cbr. I have to thank Hawk for the two previous awards they have given me. I also have to apologize for never passing on the awards. So I wanted to pass this award back to Hawk for acknowledging the importance of service dogs on their blog many many times. Thank you! This a great blog with frequent updates on the life of a Chesapeake Bay retriever who lives a wonderful adventurous life.
Also, I have tried to leave a comment on your blog too, but blogger is still not allowing me.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Good, The Bad

The good........

Jonquil isn't afraid of the vacuum.

The Bad........

 I think she likes it a little too much.

Let me explain. I have this belief that you slowly expose a new puppy to the hair blow drier and the vacuum. I like to start the dog in their kennel in another room. Then over a few exposures I move their kennel in the room that the vacuum is in use. Next they stay on a tie down and so on and so on. 

Well Jonquil has been through all of that. And I've got to tell you, I know she isn't afraid of the vacuum. Not even a little. In fact she thinks it is FUN. It is a play thing, a companion. I don't know why in the world she loves it so much, but as soon as I turn on the vacuum she runs up and bounces all around. While the vacuum is still running, I make her walk back to her bed and do a down stay. She stays. If I stop the vacuum for some reason and start it back up she does it all over again. In fact, today she ran and brought the kong back to it, you know just in case the vacuum wanted to play with the Kong. Apparently it didn't, so she took to just laying near the vacuum and chewing on her Kong alone instead.

Needless to say, we are working on it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree

Jonquil has helped decorate a few trees this year. I guess you can say she is in the spirt! First, was my mother's tree. It is fake and pre-lit so really it takes very little effort. Although it is 9 ft so we do have to put in some effort to get to the top. Jonquil really didn't care. Honestly, there were dog-cousins to harass so who cares about a stupid fake tree anyway? Yet, I still acted as the embarrassing/annoying mother who shows up and pulls their child from play early to get some quick photos of Jonquil in front of the tree. Somehow we had this understanding that if she cooperated she could quickly get back to trying to get the cool kids to play.

Here is the photo shoot

I'm not sure if this one is my favorite....

Or this one?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kicking Off the Season..... A Little Late

This was the first year our group went to a tree lighting ceremony. It was also me, Jonquil and Jarett's first tree lighting ceremony as well. I enjoyed the cold accompanied by the hot apple cider that was served, the company of other puppy raisers, and watching the dogs not care a bit about the whole thing. Jonquil's sister, "Jamayla," Vance, and Raffi showed up. Jonquil was pretty quiet. She waited calmly to greet the other dogs. She didn't care much about the tree or the people, but the flash of the camera was a bit of an annoyance. Luckily, some of the photos turned out alright. After the ceremony we went over with two of our group members for a cup of coffee across the street.  Jonquil was quiet there too. Sorry, not much to tell you.  For such a late start she has done really well. We are taking it slow as to not overwhelm her. 

Jonquil and Jamayla

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Okay, Okay, I Know....

I'll admit it. It has been a while since I've posted. It has been a little crazy around here. I have to get back into the habit. I know I have hardly shared anything about Jonquil and I want people to understand her personality, where she is at, and where she has to go.

Luckily, I have some posts piled up in my drafts. So, there will be some things to share soon enough.  

For now I will just share this.

Tenaya and Jonquil 

Come Back Soon. 

Hello There!

I along with Jarett have raised 6 guide dog pups. We are currently raising pup # 7. These are our stories, our adventures, our experiences. Please follow us and watch our pups grow into their paws and from jacket into harness. Feel free to leave a comment. We enjoy hearing what you have to say.