Friday, November 11, 2011

November's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil

We had our last monthly meeting for the year 2011. It isn't the last of out events but the last of our official meetings at the airport.

I was excited to get Jonquil out in a safe place as she has been bundled up inside most of the time. Her stomach is a little more predictable lately, but with this type of issue, it is always up in the air.

While we waited for everyone to arrive we chatted a little with Jonquil's sister's (Jamayla's) raisers for a bit. It didn't take long before we moved over to start obedience. We focused on "recall". Recall is where you call for the dogs to "come". They must travel over to you with this command and touch your leg. We usually do this with our dogs in a sit or down-stay, but in this month's session we let our dogs get distracted with one another until we called for them. Jonquil and a few other pups were a little too young to go off-leash so they stayed on an extended leash, which was good because, honestly, Jonquil was not ready to be off-leash. We then switched around dogs where I worked with Anthony and his raiser took Jon. I hear that Jonquil did pretty well with the other handler. I swear this all happened even though we don't have any photos as evidence.

Obedience was fairly short and, as always, we moved on to the "business meeting". We covered upcoming events, and questions. We always have special announcements / updates. We were told that Cava (YLF) has been selected as a breeder. Although I am a little confused as to if this has been confirmed. I talked to Cava's raisers who are also raising Jonquil's sister. They said that they hadn't heard it was official, but that she had past the first set of tests. They also announced Halette, our previous pup who is currently in training entered phase 8, and a pup raised a few years back is up to graduate from Dogs for Diabetics! Congrats Lotto!

I finally snapped a picture of Peju! It only took 4 months? but I did it! I think with this photo I have one of every dog in the group shown on the blog. If you scroll down you will see I have a list of current pups in training, pups in formal training, and those who have graduated this year.

 Despite what you may think from this photo Peju is a very sweet well mannered, calm girl. 

We welcomed a new little puppy to our group.


Close up of Polka. She is already 11 weeks and man is she big. Almost as big as our four month old girls.

Now, Guide Dogs only allows each name to be used once at any given time. As long as that dog with that name is active in the organization, a puppy in training, or a breeder or guide, then it cannot be repeated. It is rare to get a common name or a name of someone you know, but you never hear of someone raising two dogs with the same name. And with Polka's raiser, this is the case. What are the odds of that?  So that was a little surprising and fun to learn. In fact his first Polka made it as a guide years ago but was retired only a year into her career. She now lives with the raiser's daughter.

Jamayla, Jonquil's sister. 
Right now they are about the same size, although I think this month Jamayla is a pinch bigger. 
 She is full of energy and has an opinion just like Jonquil. She did well at her come recall. 

 Jonquil and Jamayla

 All I know is that Jonquil is on the right.

This is such a mess. If you would like you can try to figure it out. Lol

Left to right is Jamayla, Polka and Jonquil

Again, Jamayla, Polka and Jonquil

I think Jonquil took a lot in at the meeting. Once all was taken care of, we let the three little ones have a playdate. She sure had fun. I just hope Jonquil doesn't think this is what meetings are all about.


Brandon - The dog with a blog said...

Sounds like a fun meeting!

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all,

A little playdate after work? That is a great reward for a job well done!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

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