Thursday, November 17, 2011

Carla Turns Five!

I think everyone knows I love my Carla. I feel a little odd saying this, but she understands me like no one else. She knows what I need when I need it and tries to make me feel better, the best she can. I have never met a dog that is as intelligent as Carla. So of course for her birthday she deserved to have everything she would ask for on her best day.

Her day started out with breakfast of course and a few of her most favorite foods. Then we took Tenaya to go pick out some gifts for Carla while we gave Carla some down time (she has a very strict feeding routine due to the breed's vulnerability to bloat).  Tenaya was very well behaved and helped pick out a femur bone, two stuffed "babies" a squeaky pig and a squeaky ball. When we got home I dropped all the gifts on the floor. She went straight for the bone. I let her unwrap it herself which took about 3 minutes. Carla usually won't chew on bones unless they are brand new and for very little time, but she chewed her birthday bone for 15 minutes.

Happy Birthday Carla!
Her favorite thing S. W. I. M. M. I. N. G. 

Looking sweet
Excuse the drool.


Tenaya after she enjoyed some "pool time" with Carla

Carla chewing her birthday bone.

I just noticed that today's post is only showing Carla's brown eye. Since her blue eye shows all her emotions, it catches your eye, so sometimes we ask her how life is through her brown eye. And no, I do mean her eye ball. 


Erin T said...

Happy Birthday Carla!

Erin & Trump @ Training Trump

browndogcbr said...

Hi Y'all!

A belated happy Birthday Carla!!

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

Tucker said...

Happy 5th Birthday to the Beautiful Carla!

woof - Tucker

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