Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October's Monthly Meeting with Jonquil

It was a big night for Jonquil. Tonight was her first meeting with our GD puppy group. We arrived early and were the second people to show up. It was nice to get some one on one time with our group leader to ask some questions and get the updates.

Here is Jonquil

And this photo is a picture of her sister.

Jonquil met Raffi first and the CC'd Laser. She did wonderful and was respectful of the other dogs. Shortly after her first round with new dogs, her sister arrived. We let them play for a moment before everyone else showed up. It suddenly went from a small group to everyone showing up at once.

We didn't waste anytime and got right to work. The older dogs moved to another part of the building while Jonquil and her sister stayed for puppy class.

Puppy class is just going over calming exercises. We first put our thumb through the collar and lay the puppy down. With your thumb and hand you hold the pup to the ground. Some pups disagree for a short time but our little girls were comfortable enough to lay still. The point of this exercise is to get each puppy calm and used to handling they many experience when they are older at the vet or while getting groomed.

While the pup calmly lays down you take your free hand and lightly pet the pup down the back, eventually moving down to the legs.  Once the puppy is relaxed you can examine their ears, eyes and lastly their teeth.

Here I am inspecting at her paws. Tonight I learned that there is spot on 
the paws right above the large pad that if you rub can calm the puppy/dog.

Checking out her eyes.

Here I am massaging Jonquil's ear. 
There is a spot in the ear that relaxes the pup.

Getting Jonquil used to lifting her lip.

Massaging Jonquil's teeth

Eventually you move the dog to their most venerable position 
which is on their back, belly up. Both girls did great.

Once each group of dogs was done with obedience we moved on to the guessing name game! Now we knew Jonquil's name was unique and from what I had just heard, her sister's was just as unique.  So, instead of playing charades we played hangman. Somehow we guessed Jamayla's name first. Once they had filled in Jon__il some people figured out "Jonquil" and each winner received a prize.

Usually for October's meeting we work on distractions each PIT (puppy in training) may encounter during Halloween time. Decorations, odd moving electric hands, electric mice etc... The little pups stayed clear and watched for a distance while the big dogs walked around a course.

Then we went over the business part of our meeting and upcoming outings, which unfortunately, Jonquil is too young to attend. I am bummed about that since this month's is the bus ride to the mall for a scavenger hunt, which is one of my favorites. :/

Jonquil upside down on her back with her ears flapped straight out.

Jonquil is on the left and Jamayla's on the right.

We had a little more time to socialize and chat with Jamayla's raisers. It seems that Jamayla is right along with Jonquil about behaving in their kennels and both have an opinion on things. We joked about how much they looked alike, and that Jamayla would keep her jacket on so we didn't mix them up. I mean, they were the same size, color,... everything. It will be fun to watch them grow together.


Jess and Glacier said...

Sounds like her first meeting went well. :)

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Sounds like a fun meeting. How fun that you had such a cute game to get everyone to guess their unique names!

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