Saturday, October 1, 2011

First Week with Jonquil

We've had Jonquil for a week now and it is amazing how puppy raising is like riding a bike.
I feel like it has been forever since a puppy ran my schedule, I guess it's really only been a year, but it seems like forever. It also feels like we've had Jonquil for months. For the most part she has our daily rhythm down, likes the crate, has started to dislike her tie-down, loves her nylabones, tug toy, and puppy chews as well as her leash. She has done pretty extraordinary with her potty training (not saying she has this down perfect). She still barks to the other dogs to play or to get attention from me or Jarett.

I feel like we are behind in socializing because she came to us at 11 weeks old. I am really surprised how much this little lady notices. On monday she gets her next set of shots. I am excited for Jonquil's first meeting on Tuesday. She will  be receiving her jacket so I can get this ball rolling!

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