Thursday, September 1, 2011

September Training Meeting

Even though we currently do not have a new little pup in training to love, we decided to go to this month's meeting. I felt like it had been too long and I really missed everyone.

As soon as we showed up we were handed two dogs. One was Laser, who was CC'd last year, and the other was Raffi (BLF), who is in training. So that right there is my excuse for the horrible photos.


We did a little obedience, you know, sit, stand, let's go, ect.

Next, we did a game to show the importance of timing in marking behavior. We split into groups of five and had one person act as the "dog". Everyone else held each other's hand in a line and when the "dog" showed the desired behavior, the first person in the line would squeeze the next person, and so on until the last person received the hand squeeze and marked the behavior with the word nice. This game magnified the confusion caused by a late mark in the desired behavior and the importance of timing. Luckily I wasn't the dog.... this time....


We moved on to the usual business part of the meeting, discussing this and that, upcoming outtings, who can go, who can't, what new ideas do we have?....

And then we have what is selfishly my favorate part of the meeting, social time. This month Cava was celebrating her Bone Voyage with some cake for us humans and a photo shoot of Cava in a cap and gown. We are not sure of the exact date Cava will be returning for training but it will be in one of the next two recall dates.


An update on other pups in the group.
Raffi was transfered within our group to one of our leaders. I worked with Raffi this month. He is the sweetest thing. He even talks, not barks but talks when you are giving him some love.
Anthony has the craziest wavy hair I have ever seen on a yellow lab. I also worked with Anthony this month. I really enjoyed the way he responded to me and he definitely knows his name!
Peju, well I didn't even really get to pet her but she is getting bigger fast. I tried to get a photo of this little black lab pup, but my camera was throwing a fit. eh...
Last month we welcomed a returning raiser to our group. She moved back and is now and has been raising Vance, a yellow lab male who must be at least 7-8 months old.


Until Next time......

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Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Sounds like a neat meeting! (We're especially fond of Vance since I just got a Vance! :) )

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