Thursday, August 25, 2011

Still No Halette

Okay so, it has been a month since Halette has been up in San Rafael waiting to start training. She has yet to show up on any of the phase reports, so my GD leader took it upon herself to ask what is going on. The answer is she has not and will not start training until September 5th. It seems like a long time to get her going but I am excited that she starts soon!!!

.....And if you haven't been keeping up to date on Halette's sister Hilly then I am sad/happy to inform you that she was "career changed" and is happily staying with her raiser E. She has her own blog about her new path in life so go check it out. Hilly's Happenings

P.S to Hilly's raiser...... I am a little jealous.


Raiser Erin said...

See, I'm so jealous of you! :D Haha! She did have to get spayed so it's probably taking her a little time to recover. :-)

Cassie & The Dogs said...

Hestia heads in for breeder evals on Sept 5th. Paws are crossed for her!

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