Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Turning Halette in for Training

We last left off at Fun Day. We had just eaten lunch. Lunch was our time to give a hug or two. Just some time to ourselves. A time to slow down for a moment. We sat there and talked for a while. I tried to see if Halette wanted to play with any of the new toys, but she didn't really want to.

I was becoming anxious about turning in Halette for recall. We discussed leaving from lunch and dropping her off. Jarett knew I would want to leave right afterward, so he talked me into going back to the booths and getting the rest of what I had wanted to buy.

All-in-all, I got a license plate frame, a jacket front sleve, 2 toys, a 20 foot drag line, a key chain and a treat bag. Oh, oh, and some decals for my car. Haha. I know I went a little crazy. I went home with a bag full of items.

After that I couldn't wait any longer. Jarett agreed, so we took that long walk down past the kennel entrance, all the way to the office.

Everyone was busy at the time we checked in, so we had a little wait. The wait was painful. As we stood there, we both tried to fight back the tears.

Someone came back and told us her kennel was ready, so we followed them over to it. The lady let us have a moment to ourselves as she left to get a bone for Halette. That is when I went inside the kennel to say goodbye. I gave Halette a hug, she wiggled around and acted completely happy. I let Jarett have his turn separately. I came out of the kennel and Jarett went in. At this time, the woman came back with the bone for Halette and again she said take your time and left.

Jarett hugged Halette, who again couldn't be any happier, gave her the bone, unhooked her leash and........ she just took off running. The kennel runs are part indoor and part outdoor. She just took off running in and out, in and out, butt tucked and all. At one point she stopped and showed off her glorious prize to a dog next door. It was just what we needed to make us laugh. She was just a goof from the moment we got her to when we dropped her off. I know she is being a goof right now.

I told Jarett, "Let's leave when she isn't looking", as we have had some of our dogs look back for us. We started walking away when I told Jarett I had to double check to make sure we locked the door. We walked back and when we reached the kennel, Halette was drinking out of the water bowl. She didn't stop drinking, but looked up at us as if to say, "Oh.... what are you doing back?" I see she wasn't even worried.

Ha, that dog cracks me up. And I do not have a doubt that she is having a blast. ; )


Jess and Glacier said...

Oh, this post made me get teary and laugh all at the same time. She reminds me of my first, now retired guide dog. Thanks for sharing this experience.

angelofthemind said...

Hugs to you for all you do! This post made me laugh and cry. Thanks for sharing your journey with Halette, I look forward to reading about your experiences with your next pup!

Squidershins said...
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C and H said...

Thank you guys for the comments.

And...Thank you Squidershins for the update. I did receive a email yesterday regarding Halette. I will share the news very soon

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