Monday, July 18, 2011

Vay Kay

Back in December....

Well..... It all started with this.....

And approval from our group leader and the hotel.

And a long drive.

And then we arrived late or early whatever you think 1:30 in the morning is.

And if you didn't figure it out by the photos, we went to Disneyland! We were meeting up with the rest of my family who had already been there for 3 days.

I have never taken a pup in training along with us for a hotel stay. This time we were confident in our pup Halette's behavior enough that at 8 and 1/2 months we believed that she could handle a mini road trip and a two night stay in a new, constantly busy place. Halette handled the car ride just fine. Slept most of the way. Relieved for us when we stopped for a break and was happy getting back in the car for a few more hours of driving.

Our arrival was uneventful. We checked in and asked them to direct us to the relieving area. (Luckily the relieving area was near our room.) With our keys and our luggage we quickly walked over, out the doors and let Halette, " Do her business".
Being 1:30 in the morning we went to our room and set up the kennel and went to bed.

I do not live all that close to Disneyland so puppies from my group are not allowed into the park. Although, Disney kept reassuring us that it was alright, I knew to just stick to Downtown Disney, which is a great experience in itself for the puppies.

The toilet was a running joke because it was so loud and had such suction power that we joked that it could jump up and bite. We had to take Halette to go see it.

The next morning we ran through all the morning routines, feeding, obedience, watering, and relieving Halette. Did I mention that we had adjoining rooms with 3 kids, ages ranging from 4 - 9? So we had little visitors off an on (mostly on).

While Jarett took Halette down to relieve her, he also took her for a walk around the hotel. When they came back to the room everyone was ready, so Halette went into her kennel and off we went into the park. We had made a plan that every 3-4 hours we would head back to the room which was located right off downtown Disney to let Halette out, relieve, stretch her paws and take for a walk. She seemed to enjoy this. The photo above is an image of me and Halette outside in downtown Disney on our first walk through that area. We stopped and sat down on the edge of the water fountain to let Halette people watch. A few children ran up to her and wanted to play with her. It was one of those situations where you can't stop the kids from touching her, but Halette sat well for the children.

Halette posing in front of the huge Christmas tree located at the end of Downtown Disney.

Halette celebrated the 10th year of pin trading. I know exciting.

Halette and Jarett on the way to get the most awesome nachos.

Halette posing in front of the Disney Vault.

Halette hanging out with a pirate.

Halette even joined us in making some remote controlled cars.

It was a short fun trip (even though my knee gave out about one hour into the first morning).

We were there for a total of one day and two nights, the trip took three days total. The last morning we woke up and did the rounds. Got some of those lovely nachos again and headed our way back home.


Squidershins said...

Hanalei and I were in Disneyland in December as well! Small world :)

C and H said...

How fun! I did see another pup in training in Disney but it was from a different school and I caught a glimpse of a working guide that was from guide dogs. I didn't want to bother anyone so I didn't ask who or anything.

It is too bad we didn't cross paths.....

Jess and Glacier said...

What a very cool experience for a puppy in training. :)

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