Saturday, July 23, 2011

Train Ride with Halette

Well about a month or so ago we join the rest of the GD group for our annual train ride.

From right to left is Estee, me, Halette and Raffy posing in front of the train.

Here is my little monster sitting in front of the train.

Some dogs have difficulty getting on the train. The trick is to show the dog that you can step on the stool first. Halette seemed to get it and just went right along. Thankfully, because our CFR joined us for the ride and was watching each dog board the train.

And right on up after me.

Halette walking across the grates from one train car to another. This is important to a successful working dog, they have to accept different floor surfaces.

As you can see she had multiple experiences with the grates.

Halette and Me on the train cart we rode in.

Halette settling in under the set next to Jarett.

Had to share this photo. I think Halette gives the cutest over-the-shoulder looks.

We rode the train in Sunol where at one time the Mayor was Bosco the dog, so of course we had to pose with the statue of Bosco. Excuse the head collar. Poor Halette, I had no idea I pulled it like that. Luckily it was just for a second.

Halette walking loosely on a leash back to the car.

We ride the train every year when spring has sprung. It is one of my favorite group outings. This year was a little cold but I will sure take the cold as it has been sizzling hot in past years. When it is hot the outdoor cars fill up, but because it was cold this year we had room to enjoy the outdoors. Halette didn't seem bothered and it was another exposure checked off the list. Wooohooo!


Dog Blogging With Luna said...

How neat is that! I can just picture my dog freaking out big time about stepping onto the train.

Jess and Glacier said...

What a cool outing. You have no idea how often working guide dogs come across those grates and how much they could possibly hate them. LOL Glacier does well with them, but I've seen other handlers' dogs take a wide birth around sewer covers because they don't like the grates.
I think I've said this before, but it's really neat to see the different things that a puppy in training could be possibly exposed to. :)

CD McLean said...

What an awesome outing. That grating is really a good thing to have them try. My pups get some of that with the school buses and vans, etc., but a train ride would be amazing.

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