Sunday, July 31, 2011

Potluck with Halette

This year's potluck was HOT!

I wish I had a little extra time to prepare food for the potluck but we have just been so busy over the last few months that there was no time left. We hurried with Halette to the store, bought some not so exciting pasta salad and headed our way to the potluck.

I keep forgetting that our group has been shrinking smaller and smaller lately. I expected the usual 6-8 dogs (at times more) but there were not many. When we showed there was an 8 year old CC'd yellow lab, Halette and some more CC's. Finally, Cava and Raffi showed and later Anthony. Havasu and Estee had already gone in for formal training earlier that week.

We set up the food and began filling our plates.

After dinner we play little games to keep the fun going. This year we played musical sits, had an ice cream eating contest and a blindfold race with PIT. We even had time to have each pup paint a picture.

First we played musical sits. Halette knocked one pup out after another... until we came down to Cava.

Here is the shot that tells it all. Not really.

We couldn't tell who sat first so we went to muscial down.

And Cava won.

But that is okay because I didn't forget to tell Halette what a good girl she was.

After musical sits we all went over to the little kiddy pool. I have to say it was one of the only things that I can remember Halette didn't like. She would almost always just go along with whatever we asked but she wouldn't get in the pool. I also didn't want to push the subject as we had never asked her in the past. I have a feeling once she finds out how much fun a pool can be, she won't even remember not liking it. She did however think it was one big water bowl. How dare these other dogs put their feet in it.

Next, we moved right along to the ice cream eating contest. We always split them into different age groups, and being that there were not many dogs, Halette's only competitor was DUN! DUN! DUN!...... Cava.



Well Cava whipped us AGAIN. Halette is the slowest eater I have ever met. ( I know, weird for a lab) But.......

The next game was a blindfolded race, where you must balance an egg on a spoon with one hand and hold your pup's leash with the other. Your partner stands straight across from you and calls your name.
Now, my group plays this game every year, but last year was the first time I actually participated. Remembering back to last years preformance, which ended in a very slow finish in last place, I decided to just book-it.

Apparently I booked it so fast, Jarett forgot to get an action photo. And shortly after the race started, Halette and I won! (GOOD GIRL HALETTE!) I do have to say she did a wonderful job assisting me. Haha

Jarett was already pretty confident playing this game so he always books it. Halette won us and herself two prizes.

After the games had ended, I had Halette pose with what she won.

And to close the evening, we had each pup paint a picture.

I let her paint some with her happy, happy, little tail.

And I helped her paint with her paws.

How do you like it?
I think she may have some talent.


angelofthemind said...

Halette's definitely got some talent, I think you may have a canine Van Gogh on your hands!

Jess and Glacier said...

What a fun evening. :)

Laura said...

Not really sure how I found your blog, but I remember meeting you and Halette at Fun Day at the CWT booth. I work in the Kennels at GDB and Halette is in my kennel. She has adjusted absolutely beautifully and has certainly stole my heart (not that we are supposed to have favorites). She is quite an amazing dog and has been having a great time playing with her kennel mates, getting treats, and going for walks. I found out that she loves to play in the kiddie pool and is certainly a slower eater. You did wonderful work with her. I just wanted to let you know she is doing very well. Hopefully we can expect great things from her!

C and H said...

All I can say without saying to much is," Thank You." ;)

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