Monday, August 1, 2011

Fun Day Fun Day

Every year Guide Dogs for the Blind holds a event for their puppy raiser. It's known as Fun Day and it is held on the training campus. By the end of this event my time with Halette as a puppy in training was to end and she would be turned in for formal training...........

On Fun Day they hold classes you can choose to attend and there are booths set up for a little shopping. But the best part about Fun Day is littermate meet up.

We started off our day rushing over from the parking lot as the beginning ceremony was already taking place. I mean, I was so jumbled trying to get there on time, that I don't remember a thing about ceremony or the training example they did on stage.

Once the opening ceremony and training example were finished, we decieded to take a class. I think Halette has been picking up on my anxiousness lately so I thought sitting in a class would help settle both me and Halette down and it did.

The class was a video of the new food induced recall. It was helpful and entertaining enough to motivate me to try and be a better puppy raiser.

Here is Halette in class. She didn't seem as entertained.

With some time to waste, we went through the puppy truck. This truck is used to drop off and pick up dogs/puppies to and from raisers who live out of state.

Halette stepping off the van.

We headed over to do a quick swipe through the booths. Of course I saw things I wanted and things I needed. I knew we were not picking up a puppy when we dropped off Halette later that day, but in preperation of getting another pup I brought a new drag line, new puppy toy and a new nylabone.

From there we ran into the booth that has pictures of each breeder. We looked up Aqua (Halette's mom) and Dylan ( Halette's dad).

Aqua (Halette's Mother)
I think Halette looks like her mama.

Dylan (Halette's Father)

We then visited the gift shop. There were more things I had to have inside. I bought a license plate frame (which looks great on my cooper) and another toy. Maybe I was making up for having to drop off Halette?

11:40 oh ... time to meet Halette's littermate. Luckily for us the littermate meet up was stationed right outside the gift shop.

First we met Hilly and her raiser. We chatted for a moment when Hestia and her raiser walked up. At first I thought this was good enough for me and that was all the dogs that was going to show, but man was I wrong.

From left to right, Hilly, Halette and Hestia
I love how Halette looks like she is reminiscing with her sisters in the photo above.

I'm pretty sure I have now officially met all of Halette's littermates with the exception of Hibachi. The other littermates who did not attend this year where Halette's sister Havasu, who grew up in our group and Hermes, who I met last year.

Halette, Hestia, Hilly, Hanalei, Hana

Halette, Hestia, Hilly, Hanalei and Hana




I noticed that Halette and Hilly were the most alike in physical features and Hana looked like Havasu, who was raised in our group.

I had a great time getting to know little things about each pup. It was exciting to see the differences and similarities in each dog. In the past years I think I only met one of Teagan's and one of Glimmer's littermates. My expectations were easily and very well exceeded.

We went and stood in line for lunch and found a little place off to the side to eat by ourselves. I knew my time with Halette was ending soon. For one last time we went around the booths, I splurged on some more items. When all was said and done it was time to turn Halette in and say goodbye................

To be continued.......


Raiser Erin said...

I absolutely love that picture with Halette in the middle. She's such a silly. :D

Don't the license plate covers look great on the coopers!? :D

Jess and Glacier said...

It's so cool you got to meet her other sisters.

angelofthemind said...

Sounds like so much fun! How cool that you got to meet her litter mates.

C and H said...

Erin, I think I like my license plate frame a little too much. haha.

Jess and Angel, It was so much fun to get to share and hear the little stories about each dog. It is funny/odd the things they have in common.

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