Monday, July 25, 2011

Ferry ride to San Francisco with Halette

Last month we went on what would be Halette's and my first ferry ride. I have to say it was a new exposure for the both of us. We started our journey from Oakland and ended up in San Francisco at a farmers market.

My GDB puppy raising group had done this outing before, but I had missed it the previous years. To my surprise, there were two other GDB puppy raising groups who had the same idea for the same day at the same time. Wow! What were the odds of that?

We showed up to the ferry at the last (and I mean last) second. We ran on the ferry and were instantly ushered in line for our tickets. We had spent most of our ride on the ferry into San Francisco in line inside.

Once we finally bought our tickets, we moved upstairs said our hellos to Lucinda (YLF), Raffi (BLM) Wella (YLF) and Cava (YLF). We looked out the window and realized that if we had just been there ON TIME we could have sat outside. As our disappointment began to set in, we noticed that there was a space to ride outside downstairs. So innocently we wandered our little selves down the stairs.

FYI it is a little loud, noisy and WET outside on the first floor. I instantly thought that this was a mistake and that this was not an appropriate situation for Halette to be in, but when I glanced down, Halette was going with the flow. She didn't seem bothered by the noise, wind, or water.

At this point I pull out the camera to get some shots to prove I was in fact witnessing these amazing views for myself. The mist and splashes of water left both Jarett's and my camera lenses wet. (So for the rest of the day my photos have a haze over the image.)

Shortly after this we arrived in San Francisco, we walked straight off the ferry and right into the farmers market.

It is a pretty impressive farmers market. I know our little local farmers market really doesn't compare to the variety. The weather was just perfect and the atmosphere was welcoming.

We gathered in a group and discussed the time to meet back up and we went our separate ways.

We began outside where they had live music and food, food, and some more food, Oh and people people people..... Did I mention it was crowded? After the first quick lap outside, we moseyed our way inside the building. I had no idea how large this market was.

We explored the remaining areas and circled back around outside to find some lunch. Just around this time I spotted a little yellow lab with a green jacket. What? I didn't recognize this little one. Thats when I realized we were not alone. There were TWO other Guide Dog puppy raising groups. One group from San Fran and one from Sonoma. Needless to say I was excited! I talk to a few different people. I was on the look out for Halette's littermates (had no luck). I know I talked to Mars' (BLM) raisers and a little J? puppy (YLF).

At this time we stopped to sit and actually eat lunch. (As we sat there, more and more GD pups walked by.)

Our time was coming to an end for the day's adventure so we headed over to the agreed spot and waited for our group to meet back up. We had a little photo shoot with the ferry in the background. This photo below was my favorite of the shots.

Once we boarded the ferry we did a group photo. Halette was front, Lucinda is behind her, Cava, who you can hardly see is the yellow lab behind Lucinda, and Raffy is the black lab in the back.

The ride back to Oakland was peaceful and short. Halette seemed pooped out.

Overall it was a GREAT exposure for all the dogs. We experienced crowds, heavy traffic, food, dogs, smells, live music and the loud, bumpy engine of the ferry. I know I look forward to this outing with my next pup.

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