Saturday, June 11, 2011

Speaking of....

Speaking of Glimmer, our BLF we raised a few years back who became a breeder, I just received an email from guide dogs informing me (and confirming my suspicion) that Glimmer has been retired as a breeder. :(
I'm glad and sad about this. I wanted to raise just one more of her puppies, but glad she is staying with her breeder keepers. Now, I'm on the trail of figuring out what happened to her pups.
I have some information. As far as I know she had 3 litters. Did any of the pups grow up in your puppy group? Does anyone out there know what happened to Seger or Serrano? If you know anything about ANY pups, please let me know. (I feel like the host of America's Most Wanted). I posted the most recent information I could find and I am sure the last of her pups have gone in for training by now. I would love to learn about their personalities.

Glimmer/ Samuel
Seger M Black ?
Serrano M Black ?
Swen M Black CC'd
Syesha F Black Guide

Glimmer / Buck
Karen F Black Guide
Katyjo F Black CC'd
Katysue F Black CC'd
Kayla F Black CC'd
Kenneth M Yellow CC'd

Glimmer/ Jay
Odessa F Black PIT ?
O'Malley M Yellow PIT ?
Ona F Black PIT ?
Onyx M Black PIT ?
Orinda F Black PIT ?


Raiser Erin said...

Ona, Orinda, and O'Malley are in formal training. :) Odessa was CC'd and as far as I'm aware Onyx is still in his raiser home.

One and Odessa were in Guide Pups of Seattle (GPS), I can't remember which group Orinda was in but Onyx is in Puppy Pilots in Washington

C and H said...

Thank you for the info.

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