Monday, June 20, 2011

Almond Blossom Parade

Every year in a nearing town they hold the annual Almond Blossom Parade. It is such a beautiful time of the year with all the trees filled with tiny white blossoms that give the appearance of snow topped trees.
This year we took our pups to the parade where they encountered horses, sirens, big loud trucks, crowds and tempting food on the ground. Each pup did great. Although we had to leave early, Halette was able to get a good amount of exposure. We even had to walk along the parade to find the way out.

Halette laying down watching the parade.

Here is another shot of my little beauty Halette.

I was a little late in taking the photo so it isn't beautiful or anything. I was running out of time to the point the blossoms were beginning to fall off but here is a picture of some blossoms.


Squidershins said...

Hello, I am halette's sister's puppy raisers, Hanalei. I just found your blog and wanted to say thanks! It is neat to see pictures of her sister! Hanalei is heading back to guide dogs at the California fun day on July 23rd. Thanks for writing your blog!

C and H said...

Wow! I wasn't expecting this! Hopefully we can meet up at Fun Day! I don't think we were able to meet at the last.

Does Halette remind you anything of her sister? Thanks for letting me know you found me!

Squidershins said...

Hey! Ya, unfortunately i was unable to make it to funday last year. I sure hope we can meet up this year! Its gooing to be a hard day for me though, i hate giving them back on fundays.
Actually they very different! The first day we brought her home she was imediately dubbed "hanaleizy" because all she did was sleep. And the first night I woke up on my own at around 8am and panicked. I thought for sure she was dead because she never woke me up! She is super calm when she is working but likes to do bunny rabbit hops when she's happy. Do you have a date that you are taking halette back yet?

C and H said...

Well, we have her final eval tomorrow, so we are thinking her recall will either be July 5th or fun day (or so I heard). I am hoping I can talk them into letting me have her until fun day, I do need to brush up on her go to bed command.

Halette is calm when working but as soon as we walk though our front door and take off her jacket she runs straight for her toys. We laugh when we are downstairs and Halette is upstairs, we can tell it is her walking around because she has such a bounce in her step.

Squidershins said...

I hope your evaluate went well and I also am crossing my fingers for a fun day drop-off! I would love for them to meet and it would be nice to know that Hanalei was going back with a littermate

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