Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Syesha!

Well as you may have guessed from my post yesterday about Glimmer, I was going to mention Syesha. Syesha was our 4th puppy we raised and was one of our former dogs' puppies (Glimmer). Glimmer and Syesha are two years and one day apart. That always helps us remember their information when filling out their puppy reports.

Syesha was such a pleasure. She was a little spitfire. I often look at photo's of Syesha and see Halette. They share the same love of life. You can see it in their eyes. They remind me so much of each other even though they are the farthest from being related than any of our other labs have been.

We had the best time raising Syesha. Today she is a working guide in San Francisco. You can read Syesha's introduction here, http://growingaguidedog.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-grand-dog-syesha.html

Syesha and me in San Francisco.

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Suka said...

Glimmer and Syesha are such beautiful dogs! I love Glimmer's birthday photo, with her crown. What a beauty! A bit sad you don't know where she is, but that is nice that Syesha is working in SF.

Suka and K

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