Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Stella!!!

Happy Birthday 2nd Stella!!!

Below is a picture of Stella enjoying the warmth from the stove.
(I think I just woke her up)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Halette's Nine Things at Nine Months

I am late in posting Halette's nine things at nine months. AHHHHH!!! I have not been in the mood to sit down and write or edit a post. Just couldn't talk myself into it. I missed her eight month edition and to be honest this post has been written for a while, I just have to push the button on this one. So, here we go.

1. Speaking of Halette holding the "Stay" command. She was holding it consistently for 30 minutes (this was estimated by the frequent presentation Jarett had to give at school) ahh no more. I am going to have to admit and blame this on the Winter break. We have not been that productive with the dogs. But I will not let this get us down. We will be better this month. We have been working on, "Stay" waiting for dinner. Every night holding it a little bit longer. Seems to be helping.

2. Halette has moved on from her Kong to her Nylabone. She still makes the same face she did while holding the Kong out the side of her mouth, now it is her bone sticking out the side of her mouth. I will have to get a photo of her to share. It is true and pure happiness when she has her bone.

3. Halette is getting better at "Go to bed". Eh back to the winter break excuse, but winter break is over now so BACK TO WORK!!!

4. She is a huge cuttle bug. Anyone, anything. She has to cuddle something. This is my favorite of this month's things.

5. If Halette is alone when sleeping she digs her head into the dog bed or her paw. See above.

6. We started letting Halette sleep out of her kennel every once in a while and left her out of her kennel but gated in the kitchen while we ran to the store a few times as well. She has shown a mature side of herself and stuck with her bone and not other possible candidates for chewing.

7. Has proven herself this last month on how reliable she is while we were on a short vacation. (will get into that on a later post)

8. Halette knows when I go to the dog drawer, I'm feeling sorry for her and I am pulling out the rope toy for her and Tenaya to play with.

9. She still has such a puppy face. She is very mature when out in public. Focused. But when we enter our front door, take her off leash, Halette is a free bird. She takes off, (I suppose we should work on this) runs up to say hi to the other dogs, grabs her bone and starts a game. She loves working, but loves being at home throwing her Kong around and playing with her sisters, Carla and Tenaya.

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