Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fun Day

And........ we're off.

See some of you there..... Maybe.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Furminator and Tats

Well, well, well..... I have seen them on TV and yet have walked by them in the pet stores. I have been talking about this FURminator for a few years now. But lately, I can't help the urge to buy one of these outrageously overpriced DOG brush. I mean, I think my brush was.. well.. um, maybe 5 DOLLARS! But I keep seeing these blogs with post about the FURminator.
After spending 2 hours cleaning out a rental car from the car trip that took only 4-5 hours with our dogs, I decided I had to try one of these bad boys out. I wrapped my head around the 49.99 price tag and went shopping online. Now I didn't have the patience any longer, so I scratched that idea one click away from making it final. I looked up and remembered I had just found a coupon for our pet store and decided, what the heck lets just spoil dog (actually myself).
I know it isn't going to stop shedding but with 3 dogs at all times and other times 5, I needed relief, plus Fun Day is hours away and I wanted Tenaya to look her best. Well.... the picture explain themselves and the days will tell if we are still drowning in hair.

Tenaya after the FURminator attack. All the blonde hair is Tenaya's, the black hair is Halette's and the cats.
Tenaya looking all purdy.

Tenaya and Halette after their grooming.

They were so excited.......not.
Actually, Tenaya looooved it. She kept making her happy grunts.

On another subject, Tenaya is a donated dog, meaning she was born at GDF and brought here (solo) to california. She started her life at Guide Dog Foundation were she received her ear tattoo on one ear. See, I found this fascinating, others may not, but her tattoo from GDF is dark blue where GDB's tattoo are tealish green. So before she leaves I wanted to get photos of her tats (I say that making fun of someone I know) and Tenaya being the bad biker dog she is wanted to share them with you.

Tenaya wanted to smell my hand. She is a weirdo.

Her blue side.

Up close blue tattoo from GDF.

Her green side.
Her GDB tat.

Because the green tattoo is hard to see I put another photo up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Tenaya and Halette's First Trip to the Beach

We took all the girls to the beach the other night. It was a bit more hectic this time with three dogs, then the last time when I took only Carla. Tenaya isn't usually distracted by much but the beach WOW, that was a new experience. Both Tenaya and Halette stuck their noses straight down the moment we hit the sand. They did their little hop skips and were sooo excited.

We walked them up to the water and let them smell around. It took a little time to get them to calm down. Once they got some of the excitement out and Tenaya and Halette seemed to find their MINDS again, they behaved themselves much better.

So note to self...... Halette and possibly Tenaya must be taken back to the beach.
Carla loves the beach. She wants to run straight into the waves. Being that she is such a big dog she knows better then to pull her mama, but Uncle Adrian had her and when he least expected it Carla dragged him straight into the waves. I stood on the sidelines with one of the pups and bent down to my knees laughing so hard.
We tried to get good photos but with one dog to a person..... well these are the best your going to get.

Halette was a little excited to be at the beach. I don't know if you can tell by all the sand on her face.

Jarett holding Carla and Adrian showing Halette the water.

Tenaya loved watching the waves.

She's "acting" like a deep thinker.

Adrian thinks he is funny with his poses. We just let him think that......

Tenaya and Jarett.

Jarett and the girls, Halette and Tenaya.

Carla my love......and problem child.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do you know these names?

Swen, Karen, Katyjo, Katysue, Kayla, Kenneth, Odessa, O'Malley, Ona, Onyx, Orinda?

Just wondering if anyone has heard of these dogs or has them in their group. They were the pup's of 2nd pup I raised Glimmer.

Wordless Wednesday


Friday, July 16, 2010

Hair No More

Just want to say thank you to Raiser Erin and Keri in WeHo for pointing out that my comments didn't work. Thank you so much, I think I fixed to problem. Now on to Teagan's Tale.

Teagan's before picture

This is the picture my mother was sent via text

Then this one. She took the news rather well.

Teagan is licking her lips. Her reward for sitting so good was peanut butter in a kong.

Um....well...forgot that the puppy was out.

Halette sitting nicely ignoring the pile of hair we just had to clean BACK up.

Teagan's after photo.

(I'm just going to act like my font didn't just change for no reason.) So here is just a side note, don't worry I would never do this to your dog.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Baby Teeth

Breaking News or teeth from gums. My baby (as she is known) Halette just lost all four of her front teeth. It just hit me that Halette isn't going to be a baby for much longer. I can't believe she is already at this stage.

All four front teeth fell out at once. Unlike Tenaya, Halette swallowed her teeth.

Egypt's Birthday

My third pup Egypt turns three today.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evals and Potluck

Well, I am now relieved. Evals went great with our CFR, he loved Tenaya. And I somehow with out much struggle got Tenaya out of the July recall, so now she can go along with me to the San Francisco AIDS walk and GD's Fun day. She is only 15 months and from what I have heard Guide Dogs doesn't take Golden's back until 17-18 months. The reason they are taking Tenaya back a little sooner is becasuse she is a dontated dog from Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in New York. I was bummed at first but if all works out as planned, I am looking forward to raising one of her pups. Halette was also scheduled for an eval and attended, but it was decided to be rescheduled in a few months to give her some time. I do have to say she was such a great little trooper, you hardly noticed this little black puppy was even there.

Last Thursday we had our monthly training meeting but this month it was our annual potluck. I brought along my friend Adrian and of course Jarett was there. Due to Halette being too young to go outside for a picnic, we set up a play area for the young-ins.
We put all four of our new little pups in the pin and I for the most part was the referee. Halette and Havasu, being the older ones were a bit too rough for the other little pups, Lucinda and Shep. I didn't have my camera at the time so no pictures of the pups playing. After a while I took Halette out and we joined Jarett, Adrian and Tenaya on our blanket.

Tenaya and Halette, after Halette played with the other pups.

Tenaya lookin smart.


Halette's sister Havasu.


After letting our food settle it was time for some games. First game was who could finish their cup the fastest. Now it wouldn't be fair if all the dogs raced aginst each other so we do groups by age. Tenaya was against Laser and Tyka which she lost to so badly. Halette was aginst Shep, Lucinda and Havasu. With a slow start and some distraction in the middle, somehow Halette won a treat and won me 2 dollars towards Baskin Robbins. Thank you Halette.

From left to right is Tenaya, Tyka and Laser racing to finish their cup first. Laser won.

Halette and I playing the cup game.

Left to right is Havasu and Halette. Rules are cup has to stay on the ground. Here I was checking to see how much was left.

Next game was musical sits, I can't say Tenaya won that one either, but I had a good laugh when one of our group leaders made Adrian join in. He worked with a shepard, who was never apart of GD's but is a really good dog.

Jarett working with Tenaya playing musical sits.

Adrian and B

In the next game we were blindfolded and handed a spoon to balance a plastic egg and race to our partner, all while walking our pups. I have only been a spectator in past years but this year everyone was pulled in to play. Im glad I ended up participating because it was actually a fun game. Adrian was my partner and again we had the shepard who did great, but not so surprisingly we both lost. Jarett on the other hand won.

We ended the night with cake and some time to mingle with all the other members.
Adrian and Jarett getting ready to race blindfolded.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Just in time.

The parade was like the parade is every year, some tractors, old cars and horses. Again Halette was too young because they do let off some loud noises but Tenaya did great.

Carla getting settled to watch the 4th of July parade.

Carla and Tenaya

Tenaya had to wear her head collar because this was her first outing in a month.

Carla watching the parade.

Tenaya and Jarett on our way home from the parade.

This is how you fit a great dane and two other dogs in a Mini.

Tenaya was ready for her first outing just in time for our Fourth of July parade, well third of July parade. Yes, I know third of July kind of sucks all the fun out of the fourth of July and our town is always known for making great choices.....cough, cough not. Although, I do see their side for budget reasons, it still really does suck. Seeing that we were pushed into the holiday mood a day early, we watched the parade and were invited by my parents to go to Sacramento for the day and visit Old Sacramento.
I was a little hesitant to drive to Sacramento which is an hour, hour and a half drive already and then to add the holiday weekend, but it turned out to be a great day (other than the camera died as soon as we parked the car in Sacramento). It wasn't crowed, everyone was walking the streets in costumes, and there was a little free show that we stumbled upon. I wish I knew the name of the show because it was a good laugh until they started pulling people from the audience. As they came further and further back in the rows, we knew it was time to leave. Tenaya did great with the laughter and applause. In fact, no one even really noticed she was there. From there we went and ate right on the water, which was peaceful. After we finished eating we headed over to the candy store where I let my 9 year old nephew walk Tenaya. She did great, but had to wear the head collar for him. Tenaya didn't even blink when the horses rode by pulling the carriage.

I am glad the weekend is over since our holiday lasted 3 days and we visited with multiple families. All said and done, it was a great weekend.

Hello There!

I along with Jarett have raised 6 guide dog pups. We are currently raising pup # 7. These are our stories, our adventures, our experiences. Please follow us and watch our pups grow into their paws and from jacket into harness. Feel free to leave a comment. We enjoy hearing what you have to say.