Wednesday, November 17, 2010


While we were raising our 3rd guide dog pup Egypt, we had these left over tags from what I think was Safe Halloween. I can't remember. When I saw they said, "Be Safe, Be Seen" I thought that it was fitting, because from my experience most people don't see the dogs out in the public until they are about to run them over (especially the black labs). So as soon as I saw them on the table I took one and attached it to Egypt's collar, (really only to humor myself) where she wore it throughout her PIT days. Anyway, my point is that somewhere down the line we lost it. I thought it was gone for good until just last week, Jarett found it! So I thought it was fitting to pass it down to our latest pup in training, Halette.

Here is the bright green tag that says, "Be Safe, Be Seen" after I found it.

Here is Egypt at 6 months old playing tug of war with Teagan, both on the ground holding on the rope, while Carla the great dane is up on the bed pulling them both by the rope her way. You can see Egypt wearing the tag.

Thats me, oh yeah, please excuse the hair and scary face. Here you can Egypt (6 months old) wearing the tag.

Now Halette at almost 8 months old, wearing Egypt's "Be Safe, Be Seen" tag in hopes of following in her footsteps of becoming a official guide dog.

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