Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October's Monthly Meeting with Halette

We almost always have our training meetings on Thursdays but this month we switched things up and held it on Tuesday. So last Monday we picked up Tenaya and on Tuesday we were heading to our monthly meeting. This month we focused on the "Go to bed" command. For whatever reason I have not worked with Halette on go to bed very much but she did it pretty well. We have since worked on it a bit more. We need to step it up with that and her "Come" while out in the yard. I am so use to our pups being surprisingly well at the come recall that I think I made the mistake of just assuming Halette would be just as good. She will come when called just not as well as she should be. Anyway, that was off subject.

Jarett working with Halette. Here in the photo she is on her go to bed mat. You can see a yellow lab in the back runing up to a black lab, this is Stockholm. He was a bit dog distracted when told "Go to bed".

Halette laying on her mat while all the other dogs take turns doing the command.

Since it was Halloween I dressed Halette up in a Vampire cape just for the heck of it.


On rare occasions we will have a special guest come to our meetings. Sometimes it is someone from Guide Dogs, other times it has nothing to do with Guide dogs. This month we had a vet who specialized in acupuncture (so nothing to do with Guide dogs). I found this interesting due to the fact that I have known people that have tried everything else and nothing has working like acupuncture and I was curious to see if it was something that would help Tenaya out with her hip dysplasia as she ages. Our group leader has a 9 year old CC'd Golden named Armando who was also dropped for hip dysplasia who has been receiving acupuncture. A few weeks/months back suddenly his left side of his face began to droop. No one knows what exactly the problem was but decided that acupuncture was an appropriate treatment. It seems like it has worked but he is still experiencing some of the drooping in his face.

Here are some examples of the needles that are used in the treatment.

We passed around a little figure of a horse with the pressure points labeled.

In this photo you can see the points labeled better.

Halette showed little interest in the figure.

Tenaya found the horse figure a little more entertaining.

Tenaya smelling the figure.

Here is Donner who may or may not be recalled in November.

Gidget who is going back next weekend for formal training.

Here is Armando. 9 year old CC'd golden who was receiving the acupuncture treatment as a demonstration. I don't know if you can see in the enlarged photo but there are some needles in his forehead.

Halette resting her head in between mine and Jarett's legs.

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Raiser Erin said...

That's very cool about the acupuncture. :)

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