Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My New Surprise

Some of you may be wondering what the last two video post may be about. I know it is obvious that Tenaya is HOME!!! But what you don't know is the long journey she has been on.

When Tenaya was dropped from the Guide Dogs program for hip dysplasia there were no openings in any community placements. Guide Dogs called us to let us know she was up for our grabs again. Before we could call back, we received another call asking us to release her for placement with a man who was visually impaired. We said yes!

It took about two more weeks to hear anything. She had moved to Texas where they changed her name to Carly. After about a month of living there with her new family, they decieded it wasn't the right thing for them and sent her back. It was quite a surprise to hear she was back but as my mother said, "She has been through enough, bring her home" and that is just what we did.

I think she missed us. I have never seen her so happy and she has been that way since we picked her up. She jumped up all over me, then ran over to Jarett and did it all over again. I have noticed for the first few days she jumped up a few times. I figure they all jump up in the kennels at GD's to see what is going on. Now that she has settled, she has stopped jumping. One other thing I have noticed was her leash walking is not as good as it use to be. She never pulled or stepped out of line. So we are working on that. I just think being through so much over the last two months that those are really minor things. Other than that she has been so good that yesterday I forgot she was even here. Back to the name change, I thought the name Carly was so close to Carla that she may have thought she hit Carla's status but she will not respond to the name now that she is back home. I don't think that she knows the difference between her life there and her life here.

We are going to take her to the beach soon, maybe this time we will let her have more freedom. It is still a little up in the air what we are going to do with her. I met up with a new local group for therapy dogs. When I arrived the leader told me they we not looking for anymore dogs until January. She said she liked Tenaya and thought she was ready, so she would maybe try to fit her in in the next few weeks. I may still have a family that wants her but I don't know if I want to give her away for the thousandth time. I want her, I just don't have a lot of room here where we are at for the next year or so. So for the time being Tenaya is back home and it does look like she is going to stay. Welcome home BEE-AIR.....

Here I am trying to get ahold of Tenaya excitement inside the Kennels.

Jarett and Teanaya on GD's campus in front of the waterfall.

Then I took a turn taking pictures with Tenaya in front of the waterfall.

She was still so excited as we walked back to the car, so I took a few more seconds to let her get it out.

Me and Tenaya walking back to the car.

And whoops, she jumped on the car seat. Easy fix. We tired again and in she went right where she was supposed to go.

It seems Tenaya is back to herself, not jumping or pulling she has settle right back to where she was, like she was never gone.


Raiser Erin said...

So glad that she's back home with you. I was wondering what happened with her since you hadn't posted about where she was going. Or maybe I just missed that post. :) She has been through a whole lot with moving to Texas and then having to be returned and all that stuff. I kind of hope she stays with you if she can.

Ally and Eclipse said...

Wow, what a ride for the poor girl! I'm happy you decided to take her back, and if it helps any I was in a similar position when I brought Eclipse home. Two dogs already, a small two bedroom duplex with a non-existent yard but somehow it all worked. Seeing her so happy makes working with your situation worth it, I'm sure, and even more so if you can get into therapy work. Congrats on being able to bring her home, your mom's right, sounds like she's been through enough!

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