Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bus Ride with Halette

Every year in October our group outing is a bus ride to the mall. This is an important one for exposure to a public transit, large crowds and restaurants. I remember taking Tenaya last year and Syesha the year before that and taking Egypt, Glimmer and Teagan. One year we had to show the bus driver our Guide Dogs puppy's ID as proof that these where actual puppies in training. That was the year we had Egypt. Luckily we had our pup's ID on us. Some people didn't but as puppy raisers you find you still have all the other pups' IDs you have raised in the past, so we passed those around. It is the only time I have ever had to pull that thing out and actually use it. This year everything went smoothly. Once we reach our destination, we begin a scavenger hunt in the mall and meet up for lunch.

Halette and I waiting for the bus.

Cava is 4 month 3 weeks? She is the size of Halette. She and her puppy raisers are waiting to get on the bus.

Cava on the bus.

Halette riding on the bus. We chose the seat with the smallest spot for her to lay down. Why? I panic as soon as we get on the bus and grab the closest seat. One year I will learn my lesson.

Before we headed in to the mall for our scavenger hunt, we relieved our pups. Jarett and I got to catch up with Havasu's puppy raisers (Halette's littermate). Halette is on the left and Havasu is on the right.

Here is another photo of Havasu. Halette and her look similar in the face but Halette has droopy eyes. Havasu has a short stocky body and Halette is long and lean.

Our first pit stop was in Sears where they have all the Christmas decorations out. Moving light-up reindeer and singing stuffed animals. Here is Halette looking oh so thrilled to be taking a photo. Actually you can see her rolling her eyes.

Jarett and I became a little distracted (not Halette) in the mall and didn't take any more photos, so I took over once we were done with the hunt and were heading to lunch.

Halette posing in front of some flowers.

Halette posing in front of the fountain.

Jarett and Halette.

On the bus ride back everyone got a good laugh at Gidget who jumped up on the seat. It was Gidget's last outing with us. In fact we moved up this outing a week so she could attend. She returned to the Guide Dogs campus in San Rafael Sunday for formal training and we are anxiously waiting for some news.

Oh and I just have to say GOOOO Tyka! (YLF) She was recalled in the August with Tenaya. She was raised by first-time raisers who have done a great job with her. They are the same people with the little yellow lab pictured above named Cava. Tyka is in phase 8!



Holden said...

Looks like a great outing. Love your blog!

Carrie and Waffle said...

Waffle does that coy over the shoulder look too! Sounds like a fun outing, I'm a little freaked that they the christmas decorations out already! yikes

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

What a fun outing and love all the photos!

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