Monday, September 6, 2010

To Grandmama's House We Go

This weekend we took Halette up to Santa Cruz for a little family BBQ we threw together at the last minute. I love my Grandma like no other and we had a blast.

Some challenges we face were long long car ride, children running around, shoes/toys laying everywhere, food on the ground and open stairs. Halette exceed my expectations on those obstacles.

What we learned from this experiance was to work on our recall out in the yard. This I discovered when she was eating the dead rose petals. They seemed to just pull her in and jump right into her mouth. I am sure it isn't sweet sweet innocent Halette's fault because you know it never is.

I don't really know why the rose petals were what she wanted to eat, but hey we're all different.

I think it is time to clean the lens on the camera. Halette sitting nicely for a photo.

Halette yawning. The best photo I took all day was taken right before this one but hey that delete button was just calling me to the dark side and wouldn't you know it my thumb listened.

Jarett and Halette about to go down the open stairs. Why on earth I didn't get an action photo of that, I will never know.

Jarett holding Halette right after dinner.

Halette posing on the wooden stairs.

Halette sniffing the air. I just put this photo up because she it shows how different she look
my other pups. I don't really think any of these are calendar worthy but we tired and we will have to try again.

I know some of you asked for more photos of Doga, unfortunately Jarett was working with one of our leaders dogs so I am lucky I got the photos I did. It is something new we were learning and I don't know much about just yet. I will ask if our leader if she can go over it with me again this time maybe solo so I can get more information and better photos.

Some things came up for Tenaya our golden that was just cc'd for hip dysplasia. She has three really great possible futures ahead of her. We are anxiously awaiting to hear back to see what option is going to play out.


Kari in WeHo said...

That darn delete button!

Raiser Erin said...

Halette is looking so BIG! Who stole the cute, little puppy and replaced her with this big, pretty girl?

I'm really excited to hear about what Tenaya is going to be doing! :)

Labrador Retriever said...

It's so good to know and see dogs being trained as guides for the blind. I read from that Labrador Retrievers are very quick to learn and are very intelligent. So, it isn't a surprise that a Black Lab like Halette is training to be a guide dog. I also admire your patience for these dogs ChrisAnna.

Hello There!

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