Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Training Meeting with Halette

Tonight we had our September training meeting. I was planning on having Jarett take photos or visa versa but we always end up working with other dogs so unfortunately we don't have any photos of Halette during training. Tonight we focused on loose leash walking. Halette did Great.... with me. She was a little to happy to be working with new unusual people. I think it is safe to say happy when I look over and she is trying to behave but couldn't help but have a little wiggle in her step. Jarett and I are the only puppy raisers in our town. Just one town over we have quiet a few other raiser, but with the distance our pups don't get to work with other people that often. I do have to say she impressed me with how well she behaved walking on the leash loosley and with dog distraction.

Halette passed out on the floor after out training.

Every month we go over new or stale material. This month we learned some Doga. Doga is movement and stretches much like yoga but (and I am going to be a little obvious here) for your dogs. We learned some basic stretches and massage that would not only make them feel good but help them become accustom to our touch.

Here I am doing some Doga with Halette. Here I have placed her on her back and I am doing circle movement with her front paws.

Halette avoiding the camera.

I try to get photos of other bloggers dogs litter mates so here is Stockholm.
We went around the room and were asked to share any problems we were having with our dogs. When it came to Stockholm the only complaint I heard was he walks behind his raiser. She seem concerned. I told her that I had a dog that would walk behind me at times and it was fine they just matched her someone that went her speed. Ha.


I am just going to throw in a picture of Carla because I can't ignore her and she is just too cute.

Halette and Carla after dinner tonight. Halette loves her new bed. Carla just likes to lay her butt on it.


Carrie and Waffle said...

Halette looks just like my Waffle, esp trying to avoid the camera! I guess Dylan pups really do look alike!

Lauren and Don said...

Doga sounds like a great thing to with with your pup! I'll have to try it sometime.

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said... that sounds fun! Looks like Halette enjoyed it too. :-)

CD McLean said...

Post some more photos of the Doga moves! That is very interesting! 8-)

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