Monday, September 13, 2010

Halette's Trip

Yesterday we took Halette to Ikea. Now this was the second day going there since the fist day we forgot her Jacket and we had to drive all the way back home. Ikea is such a great exposure for the dogs due to the high traffic, heavy smells and food court.

Halette is sitting patiently while riding the elevator up.

We took our trip to Ikea later in the day so we were starving. We made a pit stop at the food court. Halette was guided by her sense of smell. With her head up in the air her noise guided me to the front counter. I see more restaurants in her near future since she isn't supposed to be distracted by the smells. In the photo you can see the piece of lettuce that was harassing her.

Walking from the elevator to the kitchen there was a hallway of mirror. I was impressed with Halette's lack of reaction... until she noticed that other black puppy just off to her left. I walked her up to her refelction and before you knew it she tried to paw at herself. We worked on it showing her that I was in the reflection as well. Got her attention and ended it on a good note.

Until we got to the TV's. They conveniently have the TV screens at GD puppy height and wouldn't you know it, just as we were passing they were showing a flock of birds flying around. I haven't even noticed that she reacts to real birds. Halette is a techno child being raised on a healthy dose of TV and she prefers the birds on the tube.

Here is another mirror. Can't you see this puppy is stalking Halette? What is she supposed to do just act like the elephant isn't in the room?

Halette is looking at me in the mirror as I give her the command, "Let's go".

Another great thing about taking my pups to ikea is all the different surfaces they pretty much have to accept. Although I have known some dogs who refuse to walk on different surfaces. Here we are in one of their hundreds of models. This one is of a studio appartment. I told Halette to kennel into the shower stall. What a good girl and notice the bumpy tile surface under her feet.

Again here are some different surfaces. Shiny to dull.

Halette is ignoring the writing and arrows on the floor. She didn't care if there were picture, writing or trash on the floor.
I even took her through the kids section. They have a little tunnel with plastic flaps you have to walk through. She just followed me right through.

If you have not been to Ikea, well...... you should go because it is like nothing else. Upstairs is where all the show room displays are and the eating area. It all eventually loops back around to the elevator and that is where that darn mirror hallway is. So just to see how Halette would react I took her through again. She did it great. I do have to confess, she did notice herself again but I can quickly get her attention.

Here we are downstairs where all the shopping comes into play. We went to buy more things for organizing. In this photo I am showing Halette the noise these bottles make when pulling off the lid. The lids make a suction and a popping noise that grabbed Halette's attention.

We even worked on stairs. She is really good about walking up and down open, closed, shiny, bumpy stairs. She got a dubble wammy here with the shiny and bumpy stairs. They were a bit slippery under her feet, but she seem to think this was fun.

And..... here is her habit I don't know how to stop. When she first starts walking down the stairs she tires to slid down them like a wheel barrow, front feet peddling, back feet dragging down behind her. Halette will almost always do this after a long nap. She a multitasker stretching while accompanying me down the stairs. Even though I may think this is funny, it isn't. I thought it was something she would grow out of but not that she has done it on a outing I am going to get serious and stop her from doing it.

All in all we had a great time. I have been there many times before so I knew what we were going there for but just to play around we took Halette through all the models upstairs anyway. She is such a little weirdo (in a loving way). I feel like she is a little behind in her socializing because of her stay at guide dogs while she was sick so this experience was a much needed outing. I can't believe for how little she has been out, how well behaved she is. Her distractions are minimal and she doesn't pull on the leash, always checking in to see where her mama is.


Becky said...

Such a reminder of all these sweet little puppies must learn. Ikea is such an experience even to a guide dog! Thank you is all I can say!

Nova said...

Wow! I havent even been to Ikea!! What a lucky pup!! I was looking into the guide dogs of Virginia after I started reading your blog and another lady who had a Dane names Talos. What a sweetie! Anyways. I hope in the future I can put forth everything needed to do something as special!!

Oh! to answer your comment on Novas last update. She has been given two months work of heartguard already. So we are leaving it to think that she was not de-wormed correctly over time like she should have been. The type of worm she has is Round Worm. and Thevet said that Heart Guard wouldhelp de worm the round worm as well.. so I am not sure why these are not working. She is not "dispensing" any more worms but the other day was a HUGE scare!

Until next time!! Nova is watching your pups!

Kari in WeHo said...

Ah, IEKA is a wonderful store :)


CD McLean said...

Crap. You have made some good points for going to IKEA, the store I hate most in the world (see shall have to reconsider..... 8-)

ChrisAnna said...

Ha too funny. Ikea can be crazy on the weekends and the first few times you go it is overwhelming. Once you know what you want it is a quicker in and out. I only mean quicker by not spending the 3-4 hours of the whole store but the 1 of just getting the pillows you want.

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Sounds like a fun trip!
I love taking Rudy shopping with me :)

Don't forget to stop by Rudy's blog to enter his giveaway; it ends tomorrow night!

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