Thursday, September 23, 2010

Halette's Six Things for Six Months

I know I have not done any other post about Halette turning any other age. I am going to start here so I don't forget the things that made her special to me. So here it goes.

1. Halette's droopy lower eye lids and narrow face. This must be a Dylan thing (her father), as Waffle and Freya who are also Dylan pups have the same eyes. To me, this make Halette look goofy, which expresses her personality.

2. How well she checks in with me while we are on outings. She has been a really good puppy from the start. Although I can say that innocent stage has come and gone, she is still very much a young pup who is very grown up.

3.Halette loooooves her red Kong. She will carry it anytime, anywhere around the house.

4. The way I can tell what she is dreaming about. She must always lay on her back, sleeping with her crazy eyes partially open. Her dreams are so vocal, I can only imagine what she is getting away with inside her head that she is not allowed to get away with while awake.

5. While running through her commands before dinner, I tell her "okay" and she takes off running towards her food with no traction on the ground. It seems to take a second before her feet push her off the ground.

6. Halette comes to many forms of her name. We were told one way when we picked her up, another when we dropped her off, so we alternate the three. Hal ette, Halette like Pallet (this was the way the person in the kennels told us when we first picked her up), Ha lette. I don't know. It seems like everyone says her name different. I do have to say she seems to be happiest when I say it Ha-lette.


Raiser Erin said...

Freya also has VERY vocal dreams. I wonder if this is a Dylan thing too. But you're right. They definitely have the same eyes. :)

Carrie and Waffle said...

Those droopy eyes run in the family. I can tell when she is tired just by looking at them. Waffle has a few vocal dreams, but is a very eager talker she has a nice inside voice and will chat you up when ever she feels the need.

But geez the Dylan traits breed true. Halette reminds me so much of the Waffler.

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