Sunday, September 12, 2010

Carla is in Love with the Jungle Gym

While I have know that Carla would make a great agility dog for some time now, it isn't an option right now, so for a alternative I rollerblade with her to the park. I know, I know, who rollerblades anymore? I am a nerd and I know I shouldn't let her be hard on her joints and what not being such a big dog, but she loves it.

I only let her play as long as no one else is around. She loves running through the tunnels, over the bridges, up the stairs and down the small slides. I only let her down the slides every once in a while because I am scared to death of injuring her. I don't recommend anyone else do this. I do keep it to the stairs and tunnels most of the time. Oh, and I do not do this with my GD pups.

Carla at the top of the playground smiling.

Carla on a platform.


Nova said...

OH im so glad Carla had fun!!! Looks fun Carla! I wish Mommy would take me to one to see what its all about!

Tucker said...

Oh I luvs the jungle gym too. I once pushed mOmma down the twirly plastic slide. I wasn't scared going down it at all but Momma was. Something about me being too big and worried about me fallin'.

So i can't go back to the slide.

woof - Tucker

Kari in WeHo said...

Buying a pair of roller blades is on my to do list :) I also want to do a roller blade marathon


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