Friday, August 13, 2010

Three boys and a Dog....... Dated July 29th 2010

My mother was watching my sister's children for the weekend so I was asked to join them in going to the movie theater. She called and asked me to find the show time. When we arrived I found that I had looked at the wrong time for the movie we were going to see. SOoooo being an hour early with three young boys and a dog we walked across the parking lot to Bass Pro.
I never go to Bass Pro, but like I said we had an hour to waste, and the boys for whatever reason are into hunting. In keeping track of three boys I figured it would be easy to let one walk the dog so they would stick by me. First I let nephew #2, who is 6, walk the dog (most of the time) and Tenaya did great. She walked loosely on the leash and she checked in with him.
When I switched over to nephew #3 Tenaya was a little more confused. It wasn't Tenaya's or the nephew's fault, just there was a lot going on and he is a little too young. So after about five minutes Tenaya went back to Nephew #2. Nephew #1 always gets to walk our dogs so he wasn't that into it with his brothers around.

This store is a good experience because there are dead stuffed animals all over, from bears, to dear, wolves and goats. They had a bear right by the pond. This bear was in a crouched position (she was once a little taken back by a crouched statue of a cat) and Tenaya didn't care. They also have a HUGE aquarium full of big fish, Tenaya found that interesting but again she didn't seem distracted by it. From there we walked up behind the waterfall. This waterfall is loud and I remember when our group went there for an outing some of the pups were a little excited by the noise, but Tenaya walked right up the stairs behind the waterfall with one of the nephews and did great. We also rode an elevator with windows and she couldn't care less.

Nephew # 2 with Tenaya at Bass Pro watching the huge fish in the tank by the waterfall.

Tenaya with Nephew #3 resting at the top of the stairs.

Elevator ride.

We somehow managed to spend an hour in Bass Pro and headed back to the movies. Nephew #2 wanted Tenaya to watch the 3D movie and wanted to put the special 3D glasses on. She didn't mind, but at times is not much of a poser in front of the camera (that and my phone camera is sssllllow) and these are the best photos we took, sorry. (I do want to make it clear, these glasses were only on for a few seconds. )
Tenaya is a TV watcher. We laugh at the things that she suddenly tunes into. She has attended the movies with us before and watched the movies as well. This time she decided to take a breather and relax on the floor.

Tenaya was ready for the 3D movie.

I know it is blurry but we were in a hurry to get to the movie.

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Kari in WeHo said...

Wow looks like killing an hour turned out to be very educational!

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