Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fun Day..... Long Day Part 1

Ahhh... well fun day went great. I swear every year I get so side tracked, I never fulfill my plans.

The pups had no idea what they were about to experience and slept the whole way. I can say this car ride to San Rafael was a lot more pleasant and quite then the last time Halette drove home from San Rafael. If you have no idea what I am talking about here is Halette's introduction post, Growing a Guide Dog: And Now.... Halette .
Jarett and I arrived a little after nine. I have been in that area lately so I knew the weather, but man was I cold that morning. We missed some of the opening ceremonies because other members of our group began to arrive and came over to say "Hi."

Halette, believe it or not sitting, trying to hold back her excitement.

After the opening ceremonies we knew we had a half hour to kill, and with the cold starting to make me shiver, we decided to head over to the breeder books. I wanted to see what (Halette's parents) Dylan and Aqua looked like and luckily found a picture of Mazel (Tenaya's father) as well. This I learned was the wrong time do so, and thinking back I remember learning this lesson before. The tables were crowded with people doing the same thing we planned.

One lady behind the table heard me say Dylan as she helped someone else. Well the raiser she was helping had the tinyest little yellow lab with the blackest eye liner and a nose to match. Her raiser asked if I had a Dylan puppy and I said yes. To this she said her dog Waffle was a Dylan pup. Waffle.... that sounded familiar..... I asked what her puppy she had with her was named and sure enough it was Truffle from The Waffle Blog. I couldn't believe Truffle was sooooooo small. I am talking Jarett into raising one of Lani's puppies (Truffle's mom). I don't really have to talk him into it but I can't stop telling him I want to raise a Lani pup.

Look at little Miss Truffle. Can you believe this pup is 8 months old? I was even told she needed to lose a few. I have to raise one.

Mazel, Tenaya's dad

At this point we turned around and started talking to someone else when all of a sudden I realized.... oh no what time is it!!!? 10:15 WHAT! We missed the time scheduled to meet Halette's littermates. We walked around trying to find meeting spot #6, which we couldn't, and later realized it was where this huge group of people were. There were so many people that you couldn't see there was a sign there. I spotted another black lab about the same size as Halette. "Look Jarett! There's one, go ask and see." Sure enough I found the only male in Halette's litter, Hermes.


We walked around to find the meeting spot for Glimmer's puppies (none of whom showed), which is where I spotted another. I asked if this was a Dylan and Aqua pup, and to my surprise it was. We were 2 for 2. We met Hilly, but the photos are so blurry that I'm not even going to post them.

Well, since we missed most of what we came for, we headed over to the booths. I misplaced not one, but two jacket sleeves. I think I gave someone the last one I had when we switched jackets. I waited all year to replace these. They are essential when you raise a black lab because the straps on the training jacket are black, and you can not see that a black lab is wearing a jacket from the front. I have noticed for that reason that we get a lot more hassle and stares in public with the black labs until they can see the jackets from the side. I planned on getting two because we always double up on dogs and they make for a nice photo. I forgot all this when I saw the price tag went from five to seven dollars. I know not a big price jump but I had forgotten to grab more cash, so I went safe and only bought one. This I regret.

Walking to the booths there was a misting tent. Both dogs didn't have any reactions.


Off to the sides there was a set up of an old western town with some hay. This was an opportunity to take some photos and for Tenaya to learn a lesson. That lesson was how to behave on hay. She was fine walking on it, even siting and laying down for a picture of two, but then she decided to smell it...... This is were the little spaz lost it. Luckily with one correction we fixed the problem and took some more photos.

Tenaya right after she went all spastic on us.

Halette and Tenaya. I don't know what was so interesting to the left but whatever it was I thought it made a good photo.

Got Halette and Tenaya's attention back.

Halette's cover shot.

To be continued.........


Kari in WeHo said...

Halette is just too stinky adorable!

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CD McLean said...

Oh my! i love that, stinky adorable... Halette is pretty darn adorable. 8-)

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