Monday, July 26, 2010

Tenaya and Halette's First Trip to the Beach

We took all the girls to the beach the other night. It was a bit more hectic this time with three dogs, then the last time when I took only Carla. Tenaya isn't usually distracted by much but the beach WOW, that was a new experience. Both Tenaya and Halette stuck their noses straight down the moment we hit the sand. They did their little hop skips and were sooo excited.

We walked them up to the water and let them smell around. It took a little time to get them to calm down. Once they got some of the excitement out and Tenaya and Halette seemed to find their MINDS again, they behaved themselves much better.

So note to self...... Halette and possibly Tenaya must be taken back to the beach.
Carla loves the beach. She wants to run straight into the waves. Being that she is such a big dog she knows better then to pull her mama, but Uncle Adrian had her and when he least expected it Carla dragged him straight into the waves. I stood on the sidelines with one of the pups and bent down to my knees laughing so hard.
We tried to get good photos but with one dog to a person..... well these are the best your going to get.

Halette was a little excited to be at the beach. I don't know if you can tell by all the sand on her face.

Jarett holding Carla and Adrian showing Halette the water.

Tenaya loved watching the waves.

She's "acting" like a deep thinker.

Adrian thinks he is funny with his poses. We just let him think that......

Tenaya and Jarett.

Jarett and the girls, Halette and Tenaya.

Carla my love......and problem child.


Kari in WeHo said...

It looks to me like everyone had fun!

Don't forget, we've move to

ChrisAnna said...

I am pretty new to blogger and I have no idea how wordpress works so I am trying to figure it out. My boyfriend Jarett and I share a facebook and I am following you under his facebook and I have your new blog in my google reader, but I don't know if there is another way. Just so you know I am not ignoring your comments.

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