Friday, July 16, 2010

Hair No More

Just want to say thank you to Raiser Erin and Keri in WeHo for pointing out that my comments didn't work. Thank you so much, I think I fixed to problem. Now on to Teagan's Tale.

Teagan's before picture

This is the picture my mother was sent via text

Then this one. She took the news rather well.

Teagan is licking her lips. Her reward for sitting so good was peanut butter in a kong.

Um....well...forgot that the puppy was out.

Halette sitting nicely ignoring the pile of hair we just had to clean BACK up.

Teagan's after photo.

(I'm just going to act like my font didn't just change for no reason.) So here is just a side note, don't worry I would never do this to your dog.


Lauren and Don said...

Yay!! I'm SO glad the comments work now. I love reading about all your guide dog pups- it was so hard not being able to comment :) Tenaya and Halette are such pretty girls- I hope I get to see them at Fun Day.

WOW- that's a lot of fur! Is that the furminator? I was thinking of getting one for Don.

Congrats to Tenaya for a great eval. That looked like a really fun puppy club potluck! What a good looking group of pups!

ChrisAnna said...

Ha, I know this whole time I kept joking with my boyfriend that no one read my blog. Thank you for the comment. I have been meaning to tell you my group has Dons brother Donner. I'm sure you'll meet him at fun day but I will try to get more photos of him in the future. I was planning on it at the potluck but sadly they didn't show. Donner's family is sooo nice.

No that was not the furminator, although I sure wish I had one of those. Poor Teagan got the shave down.

Lauren and Don said...

Hurray- I've finally found Donner! He was the only other yellow in the litter :) I've been looking at all the club websites, but no luck. That's awesome. Thanks for letting me know!

Do you know how Donner is doing? What's he like? I wonder if he is as big as Don...

I hope I get to see him at Fun Day!

Kari in WeHo said...

haha I love that "forgot the puppy was out" photo!

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