Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Furminator and Tats

Well, well, well..... I have seen them on TV and yet have walked by them in the pet stores. I have been talking about this FURminator for a few years now. But lately, I can't help the urge to buy one of these outrageously overpriced DOG brush. I mean, I think my brush was.. well.. um, maybe 5 DOLLARS! But I keep seeing these blogs with post about the FURminator.
After spending 2 hours cleaning out a rental car from the car trip that took only 4-5 hours with our dogs, I decided I had to try one of these bad boys out. I wrapped my head around the 49.99 price tag and went shopping online. Now I didn't have the patience any longer, so I scratched that idea one click away from making it final. I looked up and remembered I had just found a coupon for our pet store and decided, what the heck lets just spoil dog (actually myself).
I know it isn't going to stop shedding but with 3 dogs at all times and other times 5, I needed relief, plus Fun Day is hours away and I wanted Tenaya to look her best. Well.... the picture explain themselves and the days will tell if we are still drowning in hair.

Tenaya after the FURminator attack. All the blonde hair is Tenaya's, the black hair is Halette's and the cats.
Tenaya looking all purdy.

Tenaya and Halette after their grooming.

They were so excited.......not.
Actually, Tenaya looooved it. She kept making her happy grunts.

On another subject, Tenaya is a donated dog, meaning she was born at GDF and brought here (solo) to california. She started her life at Guide Dog Foundation were she received her ear tattoo on one ear. See, I found this fascinating, others may not, but her tattoo from GDF is dark blue where GDB's tattoo are tealish green. So before she leaves I wanted to get photos of her tats (I say that making fun of someone I know) and Tenaya being the bad biker dog she is wanted to share them with you.

Tenaya wanted to smell my hand. She is a weirdo.

Her blue side.

Up close blue tattoo from GDF.

Her green side.
Her GDB tat.

Because the green tattoo is hard to see I put another photo up.


Lauren and Don said...

Wow! Those work really well- did it get much hair off of Halette? I was thinking of getting one for Don, but wasn't sure how they work for short haired dogs. She's so pretty! That's cool how her tattoo is blue. The Guide Dogs Foundation sure breeds beautiful goldens! Can't wait for Fun Day!! :)

Raiser Erin said...

I absolutely LOVE my furminator! It gets so much fur off of my golden and even my labs. It's lovely.

I find that about the tatoos very interesting. You can see all of the GDF tattoo. I couldn't see the whole tatoo from GDB on wither Freya or Rocco.

ChrisAnna said...

Lauren, I can't tell how well it works on Labs yet, Halette is still so small. When my first pup Teagan comes over Im going to try it on her. Even so, I shaved her not to long ago, so we'll see how well it works. Oh and I just saw that you tried to tell me that the comments didn't work a month ago, so THANK YOU and sorry I missed that. I still don't know what the problem was. I just messed around with the setting until it was actively working.

Raiser Erin, I can never read the GDB tattoo but Tenaya's blue tattoo is very visible. The green and blue tattoos are different ID's. Halette's tattoo is covered up because she has so much black pigment inside her ears.

Hopefully I get to meet your pups at fun day.

Kari in WeHo said...

Looks to me like you have enough fur to make another dog!

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