Saturday, July 10, 2010

Evals and Potluck

Well, I am now relieved. Evals went great with our CFR, he loved Tenaya. And I somehow with out much struggle got Tenaya out of the July recall, so now she can go along with me to the San Francisco AIDS walk and GD's Fun day. She is only 15 months and from what I have heard Guide Dogs doesn't take Golden's back until 17-18 months. The reason they are taking Tenaya back a little sooner is becasuse she is a dontated dog from Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind in New York. I was bummed at first but if all works out as planned, I am looking forward to raising one of her pups. Halette was also scheduled for an eval and attended, but it was decided to be rescheduled in a few months to give her some time. I do have to say she was such a great little trooper, you hardly noticed this little black puppy was even there.

Last Thursday we had our monthly training meeting but this month it was our annual potluck. I brought along my friend Adrian and of course Jarett was there. Due to Halette being too young to go outside for a picnic, we set up a play area for the young-ins.
We put all four of our new little pups in the pin and I for the most part was the referee. Halette and Havasu, being the older ones were a bit too rough for the other little pups, Lucinda and Shep. I didn't have my camera at the time so no pictures of the pups playing. After a while I took Halette out and we joined Jarett, Adrian and Tenaya on our blanket.

Tenaya and Halette, after Halette played with the other pups.

Tenaya lookin smart.


Halette's sister Havasu.


After letting our food settle it was time for some games. First game was who could finish their cup the fastest. Now it wouldn't be fair if all the dogs raced aginst each other so we do groups by age. Tenaya was against Laser and Tyka which she lost to so badly. Halette was aginst Shep, Lucinda and Havasu. With a slow start and some distraction in the middle, somehow Halette won a treat and won me 2 dollars towards Baskin Robbins. Thank you Halette.

From left to right is Tenaya, Tyka and Laser racing to finish their cup first. Laser won.

Halette and I playing the cup game.

Left to right is Havasu and Halette. Rules are cup has to stay on the ground. Here I was checking to see how much was left.

Next game was musical sits, I can't say Tenaya won that one either, but I had a good laugh when one of our group leaders made Adrian join in. He worked with a shepard, who was never apart of GD's but is a really good dog.

Jarett working with Tenaya playing musical sits.

Adrian and B

In the next game we were blindfolded and handed a spoon to balance a plastic egg and race to our partner, all while walking our pups. I have only been a spectator in past years but this year everyone was pulled in to play. Im glad I ended up participating because it was actually a fun game. Adrian was my partner and again we had the shepard who did great, but not so surprisingly we both lost. Jarett on the other hand won.

We ended the night with cake and some time to mingle with all the other members.
Adrian and Jarett getting ready to race blindfolded.

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