Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Do you know these names?

Swen, Karen, Katyjo, Katysue, Kayla, Kenneth, Odessa, O'Malley, Ona, Onyx, Orinda?

Just wondering if anyone has heard of these dogs or has them in their group. They were the pup's of 2nd pup I raised Glimmer.


Lauren and Don said...

None are in my club, but I saw Ona on the Guide Puppies of Seattle website the other day. There are some pictures and info on her there.

That's so cool how the pup you raised became a breeder!

Raiser Erin said...

Karen and Katyjo are both in Phase 10 in formal training right now. Kenneth is is phase 1 and I don't think Kayla has gone in yet. Katysue was CC'd she's in Clark County. Here's a link to the website where I found Katysue

Onyx is in Washington. Here's a link to his website. He and Katyjo are in the same club.

ChrisAnna said...

Thank you guys! You have made my day!

Lauren, it was at first a little disappointing to have your dog go into the breeding program. At first I thought that Jarett and I put in all this hard work and it didn't pay off but in the long run it really does. We raised Glimmers pup from her first litter (Syesha, now a working guide) and it was such a great experience. Every year at Fun day we wait to see Glimmers other pup's. For the past two years that hasn't worked out but it doesn't stop me from getting excited this year. Although, it looks like her pups are quite spread out. I still can't wait.

Erin, I don't know how you know so much, but I am lucky that you follow and comment on my blog, actually that goes for both of you. Thank you. I think maybe my club is a little old school we don't do anything online except email and that is kind of new because when I started, monthly newsletter were still by mail. (Way to make myself feel old) Ha ha, but my group is full of great people and dogs.

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