Thursday, June 17, 2010

What to do? What to do?

Well, since Tenaya is out of commission and the puppy is still too young to really take out much, they don't have a whole lot going on other than just hanging out.
Halette is now 12 weeks old already! So that meant yesterday was vet day. She did so well and the vet was so nice. I am glad we found a vet that was not only willing to deal with the paperwork but glad to. Halette did so well and didn't even notice when they administered the shot. Having just experienced several rainy days the other week, we suddenly started having our normal days in the high 90's, so she loved the cooling sensation of the metal table. There was no fear in her for being three feet off the ground.

Halette waiting for her shots.

And still waiting. They didn't take long but how long can a pup wait?

So, you caught me, I cheated and maybe put her on the bed.
Halette passed out.

Nothing else has really happened other than we had some company again. My 9 year-old nephew came over and stayed the night. Halette really enjoyed that and was surprised to see him here. My nephew, Jarett, and I had a great time taking our Great Dane, Carla out for a walk to the park. After we were tired from our running around the fields and playing on the playgrounds (sometimes you can't be too old to join in),we went home to make dinner, played one round of Monopoly and then a round of Life. I guess he enjoyed the games so much that the moment I got out of bed today, he jumped up and begged to play again to which I agreed, and then submitted to a awful defeat of him whipping me 0 to 4,230 dollars.

My nephew, Jarett and Carla at the park. I don't know if you can tell but they are siting on the hill with the exception of Carla who is upside down sliding down the hill. She loved this and continued to do it over and over.

Here is my nephew. The look of happiness and greed spread across his face with winning my money in Monopoly.

Had to throw in this picture of this huge pain (Yiddu the cat). By the looks of this photo I should probably cut his food down again.

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