Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Walk like a Egyptian

Miss "E", yellow lab female.
We brought home Egypt on the day Glimmer had to return back for training at Guide Dogs for the Blind. After wiping away the tears, we entered into the kennel kitchen and waited for our first, and so far only, yellow lab. That was my doing; Jarett still somehow talks me into black labs. Don't get me wrong, black Labs are the cutest puppies, but I just wanted some variation.

"E.", what could that be? You know there is alway a name you hoooope you don't get. E,... Easter? Emily? Echo? Never in my mind did I think we would have a dog named Egypt.

Somehow Guide Dogs is really, really good at giving you a name you never would have expected. Egypt is still one of my favorite names.

The car ride home was uneventful. Egypt slept the whooole way. In fact, when we got home Egypt slept there too. We had just dropped off the most high energy dog, and brought home this new lump on the floor. I remember just sitting there thinking, "okay what are we going to do now?"
We lived at my mother's at the time because our house was being rebuilt from the fire; and we moved a few more times with Egypt before we finally ended up back at home.

By this time I had my camera, but it was in my car that was burnt/melted by the fire. It worked and still does, but I swear I have no idea why it does the things it does sometimes. I'm convinced that it was overheated sitting in the car, but surprisingly, I do have photos of this dog. However, they are mostly off an old camera phone, so they're not the best quality.

Egypt on her car ride home from GD's.

Egypt right after we got her home. She's already feeling comfortable.

At Egypt's first meeting she impressed everyone. We did a game of musical sits and Egypt won the first game at three months old. We also did a game of musical downs and egypt came in second, but only because she was sloooooooow.

When we did obedience training, I was walking ahead of her. Most of the time, I would ask myself, "who is walking who?" She was just so calm, I often let my 5 year old nephew work with her (as long as I was at his side).

Egypt was often used as a pillow for Carla.

Egypt, Teagan and Carla.


Egypt covered in mud. This was the one dog that if you weren't looking, would jump in the pool or mud. She didn't do it obsessively, but knew just the right time to slowly sneak her way over to the pool. Once, Egypt decided to do this right before a training meeting. What a mess...

Egypt's last meeting and bon voyage.

While raising Egypt, we received an email that Glimmer had had a litter of 5 puppies. Seeing that we just can't get enough of these dogs, we decided to raise one of our grand-pups. (I know, I feel like a crazy lady, letting people know I call them my children.) Egypt then became the big sister of Syesha (sigh-esha).

Egypt was recalled October of 2008. When we droped off Egypt, I managed to pick out the blanket and toy, made it down the hallway and stood by the opening of the kennel. Jarett had to do the deed of putting her away in the kennel. As we left the hallway and returned out into the main walkway, I looked back and saw her running out to see where we were going. I know she was fine, but me on the other hand..., I was a wreck.

She went through the phases quickly. Egypt was matched up to a woman, who for some reason dropped out of the class before completion. I was worried because Egypt was sitting in the final phase until the next group of students started class. This was the best thing that could have happened. Egypt seems to have been matched to the perfect person for her.

We almost missed the graduation. Jarett was in Guatemala for the past month when we were notified of Egypt's graduation. Jarett was scheduled to return home the day of the graduation but he managed to reschedule his flights to arrive the night before. We arrived at the Guide Dogs for the Blind campus the next morning, and what followed turned out to be one of the best experiences we have had since we started raising these dogs.

Egypt a.k.a Egyptian, Puppies, Eship.


Natalie said...

Darrell will be sooo excited when I show him your blog - we both want more pictures!! lol.

Darrell Garza said...

She is still a lump around the house. Lol. From what I read about her, she hasn't changed. She still loves going swimming, and when it comes time to leave what ever water, she'll run next to me stop look back at the water for a second or two then join me again. I had to leave her for 2 days back in december with nat, and we were both depressed the whole weekend. I hope to here from you soon.

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