Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sorry Pups

Well, the GDB pups STILL can't really go out right now so we decided to take a break from being stuck at home all summer to go out to the lake. Unfortunately, Tenaya and Halette stayed home, but Carla had such a great time without the little sisters.
For Carla, it started out as a normal day, sticking her head under the covers to touch her cold nose to our face to let us know she is ready for breakfast. After breakfast and the rest of the usual morning stuff, the telling sign of putting my shoes on was a give away that I was leaving. Carla rushed over to the door to see if she was invited to go along. To her surprise, I stepped aside and motioned to let her pass through the door. She ran down the stairs waiting for me at the bottom and we proceeded to walk excitedly out to the car.

We picked up Uncle A and headed down the road to the river. I mean down the road because we still had the others back at home so we couldn't go too far.
Uncle A was very burnt from the activities of the day before, so we carried along a huge umbrella, some blankets, a bag full of goodies and of course the camera. It was 101 or more degrees outside today so we didn't go down the path too long. The sand was so hot, Carla kept doing a little hot feet dance. Luckily, we found just the perfect little hole in the wall stop were only the four of us (Jarett, Adrian, Carla and I) could fit. This worked out great because sometimes Carla is afraid of bigger men and there were quite a few different groups full of men that came and went.

Carla had a great day. We set up camp, had lunch under our colorful umbrella, posed for a few photos and just enjoyed our time. A few hours of swimming for Jarett and I, while Adrian was hanging out under the umbrella, Carla was ready to rest, so we agreed it was time to head back to the car.

Carla and I right above the little beach spot we found.

Adrian ready for his, what he would call a hike.

Carla about to jump for the stick.

Action shot of Jarett and Carla.

Another action shot. Carla showing off her viciousness.

Carla and I, after I got out of my granny hat.

Carla was so tired, but she loved swimming so much. She crawled up on the little bank and just laid down. I don't know if you can tell but her foot is still in the river.

Adrian walking Carla back to the car after our long day. Yes, he is wearing my old lady hat. Anything to get away from the sun.

We decided to go out one more time this week, but we will see if that really happens between everything else that is going on. I have so many other photos, but I tried to limit the amount I put to each post. Ah, maybe I'll add more later. One downer of the day was when the small lens on the camera wouldn't work so we had to use the big lens. So needless to say everything was a little zoomed in.

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