Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Grand-dog Syesha

Sigh-ESHA. Wow, this was a name that you could throw some attitude into. It was so special to have the opportunity of raising Glimmer's puppy. During the time Glimmer was pregnant, we were in constant communication with her new family, and they were just as excited as we were.
We were very lucky to get Syesha. She was the only female in a litter of five, and sadly, three of the puppies had health issues. Of the two left, Syesha was one of them.
When you have a dog that is in the breeding program, GD's notifies you of the first initial and allows you to submit a list of possible names. Glimmer's new family had a son in elementary school, and Glimmer was very involved with his classroom. So, her new family involved their son's whole class, and I figured that there would be some interesting names.

Since we were exchanging emails with Glimmer's new family, we knew of some of the names that were being submitted. I knew Silver, Shinny, and Sparkle were not going to be used but there was one name we joked and joked about getting. Now, I am not an American Idol fan and I don't dislike it; I just have never watched it personally. Needless to say, that year there was a contestant named Syesha, and Glimmer's new "mom" said she was submitting this name.

Me and Jarett on our way to go get Syehsa.

When we left to get our new little Glimmer baby, I called my mom to tell her we were on our way, joking about how I'll be bringing Syesha home. Little did I know, I was actually speaking fact.

While we were waiting in the Kennel Kitchen for our Miss "S" there was her bag of supplies off to the side of the table. Jarett and I avoid looking at this bag every time, and try to build the anticipation of the name until we finally meet the puppy. But there it was. I saw the bag and turned away. Having just avoided seeing the name, I looked at Jarett's face. He stood there with his hand over his mouth laughing. He was saying I would not believe what the name was. Ha, I finally guessed the name, and yet, that was the most shocking one of them all.

Syesha was such a small little black lab. Her profile looked like a little duck. As they handed over our new little baby Syesha, someone hurried into the room and explained that she just wanted to say goodbye. If I'm not mistaken, Guide Dogs for the Blind has hundred of puppies born and fostered out each year. I figured they loved and cared for the dogs, but didn't get attached. Understanding how hard it is to let go of each dog, we gladly handed Syesha back over for her to say goodbye. The woman began to cry, saying she had worked with dogs for 15 years, and that this little lab was one of her favorite puppies she had come across. I specifically recall her saying that Syesha was a little "spitfire".

With that, we knew that we were in for a ride with Syesha. Having raised Glimmer, knowing her energy, this was going to be fun.
This is me meeting Syesha right outside of the kennels.

Here, Egypt is about 14 months, and Syesha is around 4 months. We're just hanging out in the backyard.
Syesha is around 3 months and egypt is about 13 months, just sharing their bone.

Syesha is at University of the Pacific, wearing her cool shades.

The funny thing is, the two dogs that the staff commented on were Glimmer and Syesha, mother and daughter. We were told that Glimmer was a lover. That couldn't have been more spot on. In fact, she won the dog licking contest.

Syesha really was a little Spitfire, full of what I would like to call "controlled energy." Everything was game with her, making it always fun to go out and find new experiences. This dog was willing to do anything you asked and more.

We got the news of Syesha's recall the night Jarett arrived home from Guatemala, which was
also the night before Egypt's graduation. We were a little surprised that Syesha was recalled so early, one day short of the one year anniversary of her arrival. This time, we waited as long as we could, and returned her on the Sunday of her recall weekend. I kept repeating to myself, "don't feel sorry for yourself, don't feel sorry for yourself" every time I was about to cry. Somehow, this seemed to work.

Arriving at Guide Dogs campus, I was there for business. I walked right into the office, picked out her bone and blanket, walked down the hall to her kennel, arranged her blanket and placed her bone on the ground, turned around, gave her some huge hugs, kisses, and goodbyes, and left. She ran out into her kennel run to see where we where going and I told myself one more time, "don't feel sorry for yourself", and left.

I had no idea how quickly I would see Syesha again. She graduated in November but her training had gone different than most others. She had in home training. I don't know enough about that to actually comment on it, but she had already been working for at least a month before she graduated.

Every time I meet up with one of my puppies at graduation, I almost want to burst into tears of joy the moment I see them. I sound like a cry baby, but really its just these dogs that get me.
Jarett, Syesha and I, backstage waiting to present her
on graduation day November 6th 2009.

Syesha a.k.a Caker, Maker, Machine, Machinery, Monster Caker, Monster

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