Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Golden Girl Tenaya

Right now Jarett and I are raising Tenaya, a Golden Retriever, and Halette, a black lab. This post is Tenaya's introduction. We picked Tenaya up last May. The day after we got home from Vegas we drove straight to the Guide Dogs campus in San Rafael. We were so excited to be getting our first golden, even though it was supposed to be a male. Luckily, we were reassigned a female just shortly before pick up. I have never personally had a male dog and would have taken what we got, but was relieved to be reassigned a female. Miss "T" was actually Tenaya, who came from the Guide Dog Foundation for the Blind of New York. Our other puppy at the time, Syesha, went for the ride to meet her new sister she would soon be babysitting on her spare time.
Thats me with my pink and red hair and Jarett with his real red hair on our way to meet Tenaya.

Me and Tenaya right after picking her up. Thank you for the (not so) great photo.

Jarett and Tenaya, she looks thrilled huh?

First real good photo of Tenaya.

Jarett holding Tenaya, and me holding Syesha.

Baby Tenaya's first car ride home.
To help out with the time line, we picked Tenaya up the day after we got home from Vegas, 5 days later Jarett left for Guatemala for the next 4 weeks. Jarett came home a day early for Egypt's graduation. Minutes after I picked Jarett up from the airport, I received an email that informed us Syesha would be leaving us in 3 weeks. It was all happening at the same time.
Tenaya, is now almost 15 months and has turned into quite a golden. She is well rounded and easy going. She loves working, looooves children, and couldn't hurt a fly. We call her, "Stooooopid bear", but all with love. She makes me laugh at the quirky things she does. People often stop and laugh at her laying with all four legs sticking straight out; I hear this is a "Golden thing".
It is starting to hit me that the time is getting closer and closer for Tenaya to be recalled. As I have probably mentioned, it is NOT getting easier. It is getting harder each and every time for me to drop off these dogs. I haven't heard anything yet, so I will continue to follow her and our new puppy's adventures and milestones.
Aka. Bear (Bee air) Little bear, Lady bear, Laaady

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