Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jarett and I have a tradition of taking our puppy for their first outing to make their name tags. We aren't real big Walmart shoppers, but they have a dog tag machine there with easy in-and-out convenience. At this point Tenaya hadn't "done her thing", so she was able to attend. This was a good thing because she looked at that machine like she had never seen, nor heard, a thing like that before in her life. When the machine started scribing the lettering into the tag, there was some head tilting and some nose twitching, so I let Tenaya investigate the huge weird noise-making machine. Halette wasn't even amused.

I think this photo is of Halette on the way to go get her tag.

Not Halette's good side, but there she is with her brand new tag.

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