Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Teagan's Birthday and a little vent

I guess I should have had Teagan as my first wordless Wednesday, but I keep forgetting her birthday because she lives with my mother (well that and we have had an incredible amount of people going in and out of the hospital). In fact the only reason I remembered was because GDB's facebook post is about her littermate Timmy. Does that make me a bad puppy raiser? Just yesterday I let my guard down and was getting excited about Tenaya going to the AIDS walk and GDB's Fun Day with me and BAM, I get a email saying she may be up for July's recall. WHAT! She has been in season this past month and Jarett had her a lot the month before that so we could fit as much school experience in before it was out for the summer. AHHHH, I just hope at her evaluations this next week (that happens to be on the day Jarett's father is in surgery) we can get her recall pushed back a month.

Happy 5th Birthday Teagan

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