Sunday, June 6, 2010

And Now.... Halette

Halette arrived here almost 3 weeks ago. We are still getting to know her. Although, she cried the whole way home from San Rafael, and the whole first night in her create, we have recovered since then and decided that we like each other. Well, it was more like she finally decided to like us.

We have since conquered the stairs, hoping in and out of the car, doing her buisness outside (most of the time), sitting and waiting for her food for long periods of time. Come and down while running through the commands and not whining in crate.
I like to joke that the day, Halette came home she went through the 5 steps of grief. This was the first of all our puppies to cry in the car and boy did she cry the whole hour and a half way home. Then thinking she would be happier once settled we were wrong. She cried at home too. Even though we had Tenaya to help it didn't matter.
Jarett and I on our way to get Halette.

First picture of Halette.

Jarett, Halette and me.

Step 1 Denial
Halette on her first car ride home. It was not a quite one.

Step 2 and 3 Anger then Bargaining.
Halette crying at the baby gate refusing to believe this was the hand she has been dealt.

Step 4 Depression
Halette laying her head between the bars of the baby gate.

Step 5 Acceptance.
After all the steps of grieving, Halette has accepted us and it's alllllllright here.

Camera not cooperating. A blurred version of Halette meeting Tenaya.

Tenaya ecstatic over Halette.

Today, I would like to state that Halette seems happy to be with us and enjoys playing around with Tenaya, picking on Carla our Great Dane and harassing the cat. We are already far to attached and look forward sharing our experiences.

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